Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving Out--For Real This Time

Eight months ago, I told you that we'd be moving our site to Wordpress and operating under our very own domain name.

Well guess what, readers? It's finally happening! Tech god Mazi (who designed the amazing changing banner on the top of our site) is helping us make the transition doing this entire thing for us, for free, because he is an incredible person to whom I offer my sincerest thanks and the promise of sexual favors, should he ever want them. So forgive us if we spend the next day or two not really posting: it's just that we'll be doing techie things instead of creative-writing-y things.

Oh man I hope we don't break the Internet.


Cool Advertising

This video is beautifully shot and does nothing but intensify my already powerful desire to return to Paris. I miss it so much.


P.S. Just read the description and realized Sofia Coppola directed it. Makes sense, she makes beautiful films (I know nothing about film but whatever I loooove The Virgin Suicides).


My roommate Ashley along with Josh and Sam helped me make a really shitty video for my new media class explaining how different generations use social media. Josh really wanted it to be posted here. It's incredibly poorly executed but my video editing skills have never been something to brag about. (Try to) Enjoy.


Josh's note: I don't know why I associate Gen X with vocal huskiness, but I apparently do.

Sunday Mornings

If Josh were straight he'd be even creepier than a deadbeat dad:

JESS: come over and we'll go to polonia.
JOSH: ok let me get dressed.
JESS: ok
JOSH: can you greet me topless?
JESS: LOL why??
JOSH: just like
JOSH: can you?
JESS: maybe
JOSH: does there need to be a reason?


Josh's note: She did not.