Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog-Land, I Feel Funky

Despite drinking heavily at my awesome fun birthday party last night (thanks for coming, everyone!), I am once again going to a party. Only this time it won't be at my place, so I don't have to stress about what happens to the furniture or who's going in whose bedroom, or whatever.

I am in a strange mood right now! Giddy and still sober. I leave you with this.


I'm Hungover and Want to Die :)

Thanks to everyone who came to me and Josh's birthday party last night, despite all of my obnoxious "don't bring all your plaid-wearing friends to my party" messages. Too bad no one heeded them but like whatever it was fun anyway. (Though cleanup was kind of a bitch and I only cleaned the bathroom and the floors.)

But basically all of my gifts were weed related which makes me feel like such a deadbeat but also I really liked them which makes me more of a deadbeat. =/

The party was a definite relief after all of last week's hard work on the part of the NYU Local staff. Texting this to WSN's Adam Playford after he said he couldn't come to my party because he was still working was maybe the highlight: "The entire NYU Local staff is here and wasted because we got 200,000 hits today. Enjoy your work."

Lily inspires my (all in good, competitive fun) bitchiness to the extreme.

Love ya Mr. Blustering Self-Important. ;)


I'm Angry

The more I think about the entire TBNYU fiasco, the angrier I get.

I can't help but feel like the desire for budget disclosure and better financial aid--issues that most if not all NYU students agree should be discussed with the administration--have been monopolized and subsequently stolen from the NYU student community.

Perhaps TBNYU doesn't understand the gravity of the situation at hand. By lumping in these two very reasonable "demands" (though "requests" might be a more appropriate term) with more radical ones, they have discredited any student organization also seeking budget disclosure.

What TBNYU doesn't understand is that they didn't have the right to steal this from us! Just because they got national attention does not mean that NYU is now interested in seeking open dialogue on the issues: in fact, it basically means the opposite. The administration will most likely now be more tight-lipped, dodgy and suspicious of the idea of discussing these important issues than they ever were before.

Because budget disclosure and financial aid issues belong to every member of the NYU student community, not just this fringe section of the student body. And now that they have been co-opted and marred by the radical actions taken by TBNYU students, those of us who have had meetings with John Sexton on these very same issues are never going to have our voices heard again.

I feel like we've been set back so much by this student group. I understand that they truly believed that what they were doing was good and just and necessary, but what gave them the right to demand these things of the administration without attempting to suss out the opinion of the student body first? How would the pro-Israeli students feel if NYU became partisan and pandered to the interests of pro-Palestinian groups? How would those of us who already can't find places to study in Bobst during midterms feel if there's some drunk bum passed out in the stacks because the library has been opened to the public? I'm angry because TBNYU did not engage the student community with these issues before taking over Kimmel. I'm angry because the more reasonable requests were overshadowed by the absurd ones, rendering the reasonable ones obsolete. And not obsolete just for TBNYU students, but also for other NYU students interested in pursuing these goals.

By taking such drastic action secretly and originally masking their political moves as a "dance party" without consulting the greater NYU community at large, TBNYU has essentially discredited those of us who would like to start a mature, open dialogue about the NYU budget.

These weren't TBNYU's issues to take from us. They were all of ours, important in a different and highly personal way to every single student at NYU. And now none of us will be able to reap any benefits from their actions or any future actions taken on this issue. Budget disclosure has become a moot point, marred by the radicalism TBNYU expressed. I have a year and a half left at NYU, and there is no way budget disclosure will ever become a legitimate issue while I'm a student. And after all of this (something that Duncan and TBNYU have used as arguments for why we need financial aid reform) that just pisses me the fuck off.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Well that was exhausting

Now that this is over, let's get fucking wasted.


Glenn Quagmire's Sneakers

Someone buy me these. Please. Please times a thousand. They are actually based off Quagmire's outfit on the show, and they look so fly.


Pulitzer Request

I don't agree with what the Take Back NYU kids are doing, but I've got to give mad props to NYU Local for really stepping up to the plate with its coverage of the student occupation. This is to NYU Local what Iraq was to CNN; I just hope all those readers who have been frequenting the site over the past couple days keep reading in the weeks and months to come. Journalism!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Speaking of this, I was on WNYU tonight but not for what was originally intended. I thought I would rep J&J but instead did my NYU Local duties alongside Cody because they decided last minute to make the conversation about... TBNYU!. Of course. Makes sense because it's a pressing campus issue, but I was a little disappointed because I wanted to rage on and on about the death of print. Oh, well. You can listen to it archived here. I don't say much, because I don't have much more to say on the topic than I already have in my NYU Local pieces. Also I'm painfully awkward in person as those of you who have met me can attest to.

Maybe some day all of that palpable tension will work itself out in a real forum debate between WSN and NYU Local. I anxiously await that day.


About Those Student Protesters

You'll notice that Jess and I have yet to mention the student protests at Kimmel on this blog (aside from Jess mentioning that it has consumed her NYU Local editing duties today). That's because we, um...think it's stupid misinformed and overblown. Many of the demands don't really make sense or mesh together to form a cohesive argument--what does Gaza have to do with the Coke ban?--and doing things like requesting vegan food is just so spoiled!

Good for them for doing something, but, you know, members of the Westboro Baptist Church also did something. You need focus, not just motivation, and blocking off an NYU dining hall doesn't grant their fight the gravity they want. They're barricading themselves in the Kimmel Marketplace? Okay, next time people vote for a Prop-8-like law, I'm calling for a sit-in at Upstein. Chick-fil-A on me.


Marlene Sanders and Dan Rather Pose for J&J

Today feminist trailblazer Marlene Sanders came in to talk to my Women in the Media class. When asked about girls refusing to call themselves feminists, she said something akin to, "Pssh! They won't call themselves feminists but they're happy to take advantage of everything me and my friends did for them so they can be where they are today!"

Totally fell in love with her.

Then Dan Rather also appeared in the J-School building getting ready for some sort of event. They were nice enough to pose for a (blurry/shitty Blackberry) picture for me:


Gonna be on the radio!

Sorry for the lack of posts today. I'm the daily editor for NYU Local today and have been very very swamped with this.

BUT. Tonight I will be appearing on NYU's radio station, WNYU 89.1, with Cody and an editor from WSN to talk about media and things of that nature. It broadcasts from 7:30-8pm. You can tune in to 89.1FM or stream it live from the WNYU site if you want to listen to me make a fool of myself. I'll be reppin' J&J, since Josh has an NYU Local event to cover for tonight.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christiane Amanpour at the 92nd Street Y, Tonight at 8pm

Work permitting, I may go to this tonight. I have looked up to Amanpour for years now so it would be cool to see her in person. Drawbacks: the wintry mix, the 85 blocks between here and there, the To Do List fastening itself around my neck all noose-like.


The state of NYC's sex life

is kind of akin to mine.

Today Richard writes:

Sex was supposed to be a nice refuge from the smoldering ashes of jobs and
banks and things. Instead sex has become extra freighted with all these
miseries. It's some sour, vicarious act of anger and aggression.

Spot fucking on (as usual). The sex I've had in the last month has been sad, empty, "we don't love each other anymore and haven't for a long, long time" sex. The last careless, satisfying sex I had was in December, 3,000 miles away with someone twice my age in a studio apartment in Montmartre littered with red wine bottles while it rained hauntingly beautiful Parisian rain. But it barely counted because nothing in Paris counted, or at least I like to pretend it didn't. What a lovely, lovely little Play World I set up for myself last autumn.

Good New York sex hasn't happened since before the recession officially hit. Blamin' Wall Street for my severe guy drought. I think Josh will agree with me on this one. Jeez this is so freakin true but also, heh, convenient.

Wow, we really can blame everything on the recession.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bourgeoisie, The Rebel, and the Lonely Gay Guy

Hey everyone I hear you wanna get at some hot new tunes so here they are with illegal mp3 links and everything!

Friendly Fires- Paris (Aeroplane Remix) Sometimes, you wish your life were The City, and you could have your banal conversations with Whitney Port filmed for national television, and then you can go to Tenjune and watch your pseudo-boyfriends fight over who can fit the biggest dildo in their mouth. And you want a hot dance remix to play in the background of it all! This song is that hot dance remix. Friendly Fires is this dance-rock band, and some DJ Lothario (probably French?) was like "let's remix the song and also have the girl from Au Revoir Simone sing the entire thing" but it's so beautiful that I'll bet Friendly Fires, like, don't even care. Because they're friendly.

Lil' Wayne- Comfortable (featuring Babyface) You know how at the end of the "Mrs. Officer" video the beat changes and suddenly Lil' Wayne is pissed at his lady-cop grrrl? Yeah, that was actually his not-really-smooth transition to the far superior "Comfortable," produced by Kanye and featuring "Face," as Weezy calls him. Great use of strings--"Flashing Lights" lives on, I guess--and as much as I love Beyonce, Wayne has a great time just ripping "Irreplaceable" apart. Fun bonus activity: listen to this and then "Take a Bow" and marvel and just how far Babyface has come. I think "Comfortable" is the best Lil' Wayne song, ever better than A Milli you guys seriously.

Franz Ferdinand- No You Girls Once again, Alex Kapranos can't really write lyrics that make sense, and once again he's kind of just rewritten "Take Me Out" slightly repackaged as glam rock. But also once again, he's written a really catchy rock song that hits all the right notes. Pun totally intended! Thanks for going ahead and actually releasing new music, Franz Ferdinand. (You can go ahead and skip the rest of their new album Tonight, as it's pretty much Spoon For People Who Don't Have Enough Spoon In Their Lives. What the fuck happened to the guy who wrote "Fade Together"?)

And one oldie-but-oh-so-goodie:



Check out what your favorite Local editors did on Valentine's Day. Collectively I believe we could easily take down the entire world with the power of our self-pity.


Passion for Fashion

Preen, Fall '09,
I love fashion, but I hate Fashion Week. It caused three of my fashion/PR-employed friends to miss my birthday dinner. It closes down all the good clubs for exclusive afterparties. It makes me twice as self-conscious walking around the city because it is momentarily inhabited by 6 foot something glamazons coated in fur and sequins. It causes all of New York City's news to revolve around something some French mag heiress said.

I also feel guilty glorifing the heinously expensive in a time of such economic upheavel. My parents are losing thousands of dollars of my tuition money in the stock market and my Grandmother's Medicaid barely covers her most-needed prescriptions and Josh can't find a job and I'm sitting here on perusing the Rag and Bone show (fucking phenomenal, by the way).

Is it shallow to appreciate fashion -- something I elevate to an art... the way those fabrics feel between your finger tips! The way those colors catch the light! -- when the economic apocalypse all but has its fingers wrapped around our collective throats? Perhaps it is a needed distraction for some people perched upon that precarious precipice between debt and foreclosure. Or perhaps it is a slap in the face to those people that the super rich can still host lavish parties and adorn their fit, shiny bodies in gold and diamonds while the rest of us shovel Ramen into our mouths while reading the Classifieds.

For me this is a love-hate thing, much the way I feel about Fashion Week in general. I love to ogle the incredible collections put out by Preen and Vena Cava, fully aware that I will never own a damn thing by either of them (no matter how hard I lust), but I am also made into this ugly thing, this heavy-breathing, jealous, awful thing that despises the fact that all this money is being spent on such frivolity when people I know are dropping out of college because they can no longer afford skyrocketing tuition.

In times of economic depression, culture often thrives untarnished. Are the Fall '09 collections testament to that, or will they simply--and should they simply-- fall by the wayside to reveal the more important things?


The Hills vs. The City: A Case Study

Breaking news: The Hills and The City are the same goddamn show!!! Character comparisons below.

Erin vs. Heidi

- Both were/are roommates with the protagonist of the show.
- Both were unknowns before the show premiered, and both became famous due to their relationship to the protagonist.
- Both never had a real job before and yet somehow managed to score one—Heidi at Bolthouse, Erin at that modeling agency—as soon as they joined the cast of the show. Their jobs are basically the same, and they both sussed out equally blank coworkers to heap their bullshit upon.
- Both serve as the sexual counterpart to the relatively asexual main characters: Heidi had Spencer, and Erin has Duncan… er, and JR.

Allie vs. Audrina

-Both modely, empty-headed types who serve solely to up the sexiness quotient.
-Both have jackass, player boyfriends that cause more drama on the show than any of the main characters combined.
-Both are antifeminists, touting a Spice Girlish mantra of girl power while continually allowing their fuckup boyfriends to treat them like shit.
-Both look good in bikinis.
And obviously Jay is Justin-Bobby though it kind of fucks up the Audrina as Allie metaphor. Anyone have anything else to add?

Basically the only reason I continue to watch this drivel is for the stellar fashion and potential Kelly Cutrone cameos.


Monday, February 16, 2009

My Millennial Moment

So I've been studying, and now I'm taking a break, but I hadn't had Internet access for like two hours, and in that time I read a lot and then started writing a story just for fun. But then my friend lent me her Ethernet cord and I immediately put down my book, stopped working on my story, and checked Facebook. I hadn't even been thinking about doing so, it was just some sort of sad Pavlovian reaction to holding the cord in my hand. And like...I don't know, it was so robotic, it creeped me out and made me ashamed to be a creative writing minor. We all know I can't read fiction anymore but I hope I always retain my passion for writing it. I guess you can consider this blog a form of "creative writing," but like, come on.

The worst part is that while I know I can just get the fuck off the Internet...I don't know if I'd want to. The Internet is a drug that turns my motivation into Twitter updates and reveals any thought I'd considered original to be trite, old, and conjured by someone far smarter than me.



P.S. Case in point; my friends are talking about heuristic approaches to modes of classical learning (or something), and I just laughed out loud at this. Seriously, ewwww.

Why We Should Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Okay, do I really need to give you my opinion on the military's stupid and discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell" policy? No, I do not. But reading this Marine talk about what changed his mind on the matter (he now favors its revocation) fills me with optimism--an optimism I haven't felt about the gay rights movement in quite some time.


P.S. Why did I only just now come across the week-old opinion piece? Because I learned today that many people agree with him. Also a good feeling!

Oh God Oh God We Live In This Kind of Society Now

So you know how the Internet is evil and coming to get us?

Yeah, I guess this was inevitable.

("Neil Brady has added an application: Annulment for Facebook!")


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Byte Me

This video just blew my mind. I am now scared of China, really scared about the future of computer technology, and unexpectedly proud of Bermuda.

Did You Know? from Amybeth on Vimeo.


P.S. "Broadband Internet penetration" refers to the percentage of an overall population that has access to broadband Internet.

Science Proves Blogging is Cathartic

I knew it all along.


P.S. Yes I am reading Wired on a faux weekend night (since we have off from school/work tomorrow). I should probably go out, especially considering my new legal status. But fuck it, my bed is comfortable and I have an awful cold and god I'm pathetic.