Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whitney Port: Independent Woman

Whitney did something on The City last night that no girl star of a shitty reality show on MTV has done before: she turned down a gorgeous Australian after he muttered those three poignant, empty words-- I love you.

Ms. Port may have caught some major flack for agreeing to her own spinoff set in our beloved New York Shitty, but let us not forget that she was always the most tolerable Hills star, graduated from an elite university, and more or less kept her private life absolutely private up until The City premiered. She may not be THE role model, but she is definitely less hollow and more emotionally resilient than the other vacuous bobbleheads that lithely tap dance across the screen during these godforsaken scripted reality TV dramz that I cannot stop watching.

Let us consider Audrina, Heidi and Lauren (and by consider I mean go read those posts I linked to as they discuss each woman in a feminist context). And now, here is Whitterz, turning down the hottest guy to ever grace The Hills/The City so that she can concentrate on her job, on her life in New York, on not being shamed on national television.

"I lost myself in us," she stated. Her eyes big, wet saucers, her mouth curved in hard determination. And haven't we all felt that way at some point? I mean, honestly, all sarcasm aside: I can't relate to anything on this show and I live in New York. I can't afford to go to the places they go to, I can't afford their outfits or their "jobs." And while there are a bevy of assholey male models, as far as I know there aren't too many good-looking Australians roaming this city. But along, finally, comes relevancy in the final episode: we have all felt the struggle between school/career and man (or, at least, have felt the repercussions of staying up all night, naked, smoking cigarettes in bed with some guy, when you have 9am class the next day), and we have all probably wished we made the decision Whitney did. Because let's face it, if she threw her arms up and said, "You know what, Jay. I do love you. I love you so much that I'm going to quit DvF and go with you on tour" we probably would have all gone, "Ehhh... that's uncomfortably realistic."

But in true "absolutely nothing about this show is real" fashion, Whitney broke out of that pathetic girl mode and proclaimed her independence! She is fierce, she is free, she is unshackled by the bonds of male commitment. She unknowingly became a little feminist-- at least in the context of The City-- and girls everywhere considered quitting their dead-end relationships via AIM.

And then Allie took Adam back and killed it all.



cec358 said...

I don't watch the show, so everything I say is based on what you said:

I think it would have been completely unbelievable if she had chosen to give up everything for this guy.

And I don't think it makes her a feminist because she is choosing her life and career over a significant other. Yeah, she's female, but if the genders were reverse, it would be seen as putting himself first and there would be no question of feminism involved.

Jess and Josh said...

Totally agree, which is why I clarified with 'in the context of the show.' But trust me, you need to watch the show to understand how completely aggravating it is in terms of gender roles. It's sooo unbelievable that she said "No" to Jay, based simply on the actions she and the other characters have taken previously. I mean, Whitney turned Jay down, but Allie took back her cheating boyfriend Adam. So... ya. God I hate this show. And yet... I can't stop watching it.