Friday, March 20, 2009

What Am I Going To Do With My Life?*

*Because I'm home for a few days surrounded by the relics of my long-forgotten childhood, I'm taking the time to of course expound upon the future and self-induce a mini panic attack when I realize that I have to get a real job and start the rest of my life in a year and I don't want to, I don't want to at all, I want to stay in the comfy lap of academia FOREVER.
But here are the options.

1. J-School: I really want to go to J-School. I know it's pretty pointless, and the programs I would consider entering (Berkeley or Columbia, maybe even NYU again) aren't new media savvy enough to satisfy me. Plus even if it was new media centric it would be boring and a repeat of what I already teach myself by reading Mashable. And I don't want to take the two years off they recommend. I kind of just want to keep studying and being at school. I'm a dork and I'm also terrified of this scary thing called the "Real World" as emphasized by recent activities like me having to pay the ConEd and TimeWarner bills, and changing the lightbulbs in my bathroom while standing on a swivel chair, and breaking up with people who treat me like a blowjob machine.

2. Working: This is terrifying to me because by "work" I don't mean "score a totally awesome job writing about tech and social media and life." I mean like, "working at Duane Reade while I try to make enough money to support my freelance career" or "commit inappropriate acts because I was young and needed the money" (c/o emarevee). Not only does the economy blow right now, but Web 2.0 is about to explode in our faces and journalism just had its last, rattling gasp. The irrelevancy of my $200,000 NYU education is just startling.

3. Moving back into my parents' house and helping my sister compose text messages to her crush who has both of his ears pierced and goes to some all-boys Catholic school, while watching my 14 year old dog/love of my life slowly prattle on towards puppy heaven, and then stealing some Klonopin from the bathroom cabinet and falling asleep watching "Jon and Kate Plus Eight."

Wait, all of these options suck.

Ok now I'm freaking out. Help. Please help.



Nik said...

How about becoming a party promoter?
This option apparently requires absolutely zero qualifications and certainly seems like one of the most popular aspirations in New York.

Vanessa said...

Okay #3 is what I always refer to as "the pink sofa option." Not because we have a pink sofa, but because I once read an awfully upsetting short story about a woman who was 30 something and still living with her parents on their pink sofa. I think I would rather kill myself.

Anyway here's the thing: everyone we know is having these thoughts. Like, maybe they aren't sharing them/blogging about them/voicing them, but EVERYONE I know is in a panic about What Comes Next. Which doesn't really fix anything, but it DOES sort of lend some camaraderie to the situation. Some days I really think being a writer in New York could work. We are the future, blah blah blah, all that shit. We'll talk more when I get home but I think you can take on this existential crisis and beat it and be amazing and wonderful and maybe even be able to support yourself month to month. At least, that's what I've been telling myself after every Skype call with my mom that ends in her yelling at me about worrying too much and me sobbing hysterically. Uh, yeah.

Okay, moral of story: 1 & 2 are livable, 3 is an absolute no go, and I cannot fucking wait to be able to talk to you IN PERSON.


Lauren said...

You could try option number 4 - blog professionally...because both of you are hilarious. Great blog!

Anonymous said... Why are you going to NYU? Why are you not going out of state? Once in a lifetime opportunity. The best therapy for you is a real shake-up. University of Utah would be a good choice. Three of my NYC friends went there. No College of Individualized Studies, though. For obvious reasons.

Jess and Josh said...

@Nik: I couldn't think of anything I'd hate more. Having to talk to strangers + promoting lame parties I myself wouldn't even want to go to? Not for me =/

@Vanessa: I love you.

@Lauren: Aw thanks! Don't know if I could afford to keep living in NYC on a blogger's budget, though.

@dogboy: I actually am out of state since I'm from Pennsylvania. Considering J School on the West Coast. Visited Utah last summer and couldn't stand it, though, so not sure Univ of Utah is a go. Keeping an open mind though.

Thanks for the responses everyone :)

Shawn said...

What about americorps? It would look good on a grad school application, plus it pays down loans while giving you a salary and job skills in your field. idk, Berkeley just sounds amazing, I'd do that.