Monday, March 23, 2009

Things Worth Reading

Check em out:

1. Hillary Clinton to speak at NYU Class of 2009's commencement. (via NYULocal)
2. How to handle the Facebook redesign revolt. (via Mashable)
3. How different generations use social media (via Marketing Pilgrim)
4. Does Twitter have a business model? (via Mashable)
5. Twitter's past, present and future (via CNet)*
6. Growing up on Facebook (via the NYT Mag-- from 2 weeks ago, so a little dated but it takes me awhile to wade through the endless amount of shit on their website to get to the good stuff)

*"It is indeed a read-write generation that is coming of age in the wake of an all-dominant present, with no particular loyalty to the past and maybe not even an interest in the future." (What do you guys think of this? Read-write generation = good, right?)


P.S. Sorry for the Twitter-heavy links. I was interviewed today by someone from for a trend piece he's working on about Twitter so I had all the cultural shifts/tech shit on my mind. Ohhhh tech dork. And I will link to the article when it's up!

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