Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry, no Plan B... but here! Have this pocket rocket!

So I'm all for a good sex toy, but wtf is Walgreens doing selling vibrators? I'm so confused. This is the pharmacy I try to avoid because they treat customers in need of Plan B so obnoxiously, and in some cases, refuse to sell it even though it's a legal and necessary over the counter drug (as I'm sure many of us girls can unfortunately attest to.) But now they decide all of a sudden they're down with sexual health and masturbation, despite the fact that their attitudes around the sale of Plan B stem from a highly religious (read: Christian) place? Isn't, um, masturbation a sin? Especially with the freakin Rabbit??

Props to Walgreens, I guess, for finding a PR-friendly way to discard their puritanism. It would be nice to have a 24 hour sex toy distributor for those horrible and ill-timed occasions your vib decides to murmur its final, pathetic bzzzzzz.

It is kind of hypocritical, though, since both masturbation and Plan B keep you from getting pregnant. If the outcome's the same, what's the real difference anyway? I mean, isn't jerking off into a tissue killing potential babies too? Alright I'll stop there.


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