Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Palm trees, warm weather, Burger King: these are a few of my favorite things...
Well, Florida was wonderful. If you see me in the next couple days, you'll notice that I got pretty sunburned on my nose (and, should things get steamy, a good portion of my midsection).

My aunt lives in Coral Springs: thirty minutes from the beach, about an hour to Miami. We drank daiquiris by the shore and ate on Ocean Drive, right in the middle of Ghetto Spring Break (I think I saw a longtime bouncer at Ruff Club waddlin' down 12th Street, in fact.) But it was sunny and in the mid-seventies every day, and my Aunt Mady is gorgeous so all the guys kept hitting on her and I felt like they were hitting on me, too, by association. And it felt nice.

Anyway, I don't have much else to report because not much else happened. It was very relaxing and needed. Now I'm back in the city and have work tomorrow. Ah, memories!


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