Monday, March 9, 2009

Letters and Numbers and Caffeine

Hello readers!

I have not been updating the blog as of late; Jess and I have both been supremely busy, more so than usual, and she knows how to manage her time better than I do.

But I've been doing well. My new internship keeps me busy both at the office and throughout the rest of the week, but it's all about blog research and digital marketing and new media and all that good stuff. One day the machines will enslave the human race and take over the world, but until that day comes, it's fun to do Official Office Research on Myspace. What can I say.

Also, um, midterms hit me like a truck, like a truck filled with the syllabi I've ignored for the past two months. All I have left to do is finish reading The Mixquiahuala Letters, a wonderful epistolary novel, the kind of book in which I'd underline every other sentence, if I did that sort of thing. Well, there's also this really important paper due on Thursday, which I have not started thinking about. Time management!

In case you read NYU Local and wonder where the hell I've been, well, blame a mix of lazy journalism (my fault) and editorial miscommunication (not entirely my fault), but I'll be back to a regular posting schedule this week. And then I go to Miami for a four-day fin de semana with my lovely Aunt Mady, who has a Facebook and looks fifteen years less than her actual age.

All of which is to say: don't cry for me, Jess & Josh fans--the truth is I never left you. Except I kind of did. And I'll only be posting sporadically, probably until I return from Florida.

Go to sleep or I'll kill you.


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