Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...Then redo your site to make it look a modicum more "sophisticated" and give it a more ambiguous name. That, friends, is what CollegeACB is all about. Recently dead gossip site Juicy Campus now redirects to the "Anonymous Confession Board."

The site's so-called press release claims that CollegeACB "is devoted to promoting actual discussion, not provoking salacious posts or personal attacks." Sample post: "h8 darkies." Ah, but the poster didn't mention any specific "darkies" by name. Carry on then!


P.S. In case you don't want to sift through this awful awful Web site, I've posted site founder Peter Frank's listed contact info below, so you can call him and tell him what you think of his new "honest, and engaging, web-based community." Remember to dial *67 before the number to remain anonymous. Also, it's worth noting that Frank, but a little tiny freshman at little tiny Wesleyan University, purchased the rights to Juicy Campus's traffic in a "five-figure deal." Peter Frank: ballsiest freshman ever, or just the dumbest? Such are the unanswerable questions in this difficult new digital age.


H said...

Hey, as a Wesleyan student who regularly reads and likes your blog, I totally agree with your assessment of the website. On the other hand, I kind of resent your condescending attitude towards the university (school pride? what? I admit this weird). Anywayz, love the blog guys.

Jess and Josh said...

The dig at Wesleyan was meant to be a from-one-liberal-arts-major-to-another kind of thing; I have nothing personally against the school!

Glad you're a reader and hope I didn't offend.

Apologetically yours,