Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Am Here, Or Am I?

I know that I originally said I would never get Twitter, that it was too narcissistic and self-indulgent and immediate. So I buckled, but whatever, I never claimed to have these sturdy moral values. What I'm trying to say is that the cell phone application Google Latitudes, along with the slew of other location-aware software available, freaks me the fuck out.

I frequently lie about my whereabouts, perhaps out of habit developed in high school. I would never, ever want to voluntarily implement GPS on my phone so that my friends could know where I am. And that's only if I used it honestly. You can also change your location so that you'll show up on the map in a place you actually aren't. Bizarre? Yeah. But think of the possibilities that crop up for law enforcement with all these newfangled gadgetywhatsits. Luckily Google has decided to not have your locations stored, and instead to have each new one overwrite the last. That way the police can't subpeona your phone records and find out if you're lying about your whereabouts when interrogating you for a crime.

Having Latitudes would have been a veritable nightmare in high school, though I suppose if you learned how to manipulate it you could always have that little red dot above the library while you were, say, fucking your high school boyfriend in the back of your parents' car? (ahem)


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