Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geeking Out

(Image via Mashable)
Mashable pointed me (via Twitter!) this morning to a new Blackberry application I have been desiring for quite some time. Pandora for Blackberry is finally available!

Pandora has been a successful app on the iPhone for awhile now, but us second-tier Bberry users have kind of been getting shafted in the applications department. (I'm sorry, I don't want to lose my Verizon network!) But Pandora for Bberry is amazing.

All you need to do is navigate to from your phone, and then download the application. It takes less than a minute. If you already have an account with Pandora, sign in and all of your stations will appear immediately. The sound quality is good (considering you're playing music from your phone), the application is fast-running and the interface is clean and classy.

I listen to Pandora obsessively, particularly at work, so this is kind of a life-changing event for me. It's great for when you're sick of all the music on your iPod, or if you want to just listen to a specific type of music without having to create a playlist. Ok I am a major dork but you guys should check it out.