Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For a Wannabe Cultural Critic, I Suck at Knowing About Culture

As proof I offer you a BBM conversation between me and Joe:

ME: Always late to the parT but reading Hipster Runoff for the 1st time and lolololol
JOE: Hahahah there are also these funny pictures of cats and there are words spelled wrong written on them bc it's as if the CATS were saying it.
JOE: You should check those out.
ME: Are you serious? That's so lol-worthy they should call them lolcats!! Also what is "Twilight?"
JOE: Pls see twilight it's a celebration of sexual tension and teenage girls getting wet at the thought of contact written by a mormon who obviously touches herself daily.
JOE: Plus vampires
ME: I think I saw that on
ME: Big love meets Buffy meets Anal Avengers 4
JOE: Yeah but for kids
ME: Meets Barney
JOE: I actually rly enjoyed it and still think about the pothead pale boy who plays the lead.
JOE: And the dude is hilariously brooding and from what I hear, dreamy.
ME: I've seen him on billboards he is such a dreamboat and doin PR wonders for us pale peeps.
JOE: I'd never read the books but the movie was fun and horrible
ME: Gotta add it to my spank bank materialz along with Blair/Chuck makeout scenes.
JOE: Yeah it's that level but more blue balls
ME: No but what is "Watchmen?"



Joseph Coscarelli said...

You misquoted me and confused my sexual orientation.

I said, JOE: I actually rly enjoyed it and still think about the pothead pale b who plays the lead.

b meaning bitch meaning derogatory word for female and I meant this:

Jess and Josh said...

my b*

(*b meaning bad in this context)