Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everything's Happening

So! It's been a while.

Tomorrow I start my internship at a digital media company, and I'm so excited because this may be what I want to, ya know, do with my life, and the company is small and they all work in this giant room in a building in the Meatpacking District and at my interview there everyone seemed really nice and whew! I totally do not mind waking up early to begin working. Even though I'm not getting paid. I shall get paid in experience, and glances at the models in the Rag & Bone offices below my internship's.

Except, oh, wait, it's supposed to snow heavily tonight. And, oh yeah, I have a midterm tomorrow afternoon, right after my internship! And then more readings and papers and job interviews (I still have to get paid, don'tcha know) and all this crazy stuff, and it's like this semester was taking it easy on me until this past week, when it decided to shift into overdrive and deprive me sleep/give me stress.

So I haven't really had much time or desire for blogging as of late. I need to figure out a way to deal with my sure-to-be newly busy schedule without wanting to chuck it all and move to Nebraska. Hopefully, doing productive Internetty things all day will make me feel better about everything, and since we all know I'm hopelessly addicted to the Internet, I'm pretty optimistic.


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