Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Curioser and Curioser

Hm look at that the Tumblr just seemed to update itself how did that happen? Since you can't comment on it I guess you should just reply to it here, on this post. Hm.



Jess and Josh said...

whyyyyy is it so hard to find the answer to this question? JEEZ


Jess and Josh said...

lol check my wall yahoo answers came through

but i'm still not convinced

Anonymous said...

that's actually really creepy. what did yahoo answers say?

Jess and Josh said...

from MIchael A

It's true that, as a young man, he slept in the same bed as his friend Joshua Speed for four years.

However, that was not considered unusual or particularly gay at the time.

Lincoln was also fond of dirty stories, but mostly about female prostitutes.

He also went into a period of deep depression after being rejected by a girl he was courting.

All in all, I think it is likely that he was predominantly straight, though certainly he was tender, compassionate and a fine friend.