Monday, March 2, 2009

Classy Conversations About Joel McHale

Me: I bet Joel McHale smokes sooooo much weed.
My Roommate: Oh yeah definitely.
Me: He's the kind of guy who would like, fuck you really hard and then pull out and come all over your face.
My Roommate: YES! Totally. And like, I wouldn't mind....
Me: Not. At. All.


Also I made sooo many chocolate chip cookies so come over and eat some.


P.S. While Google Image searching for the pic above:
Me: *loud gasp* Oh my god. Oh... my god. I just... I just found a picture of Joel McHale KISSING A BABY. Fuck I think I just came.
My roommate: I wonder how many people have seen that picture and had the same reaction.

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