Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blackberries Are Amazing

When I got a Blackberry I became terrified that I would become one of those people with one foot permanently planted in the real world and the other firmly in Blackberry world. That is true. That is so, so fucking true. My friends complain that I am not "there" when I am there because physically my body and my voice and my presence exist, but my fingers are furiously givin' the old BB a good working over. It's obnoxious. I'm trying to wean myself off of it, ok? I'm sorry, ok? Ok.

But last night I was drunk on my roof with some lovely folks and I accidentally um, dropped my Blackberry off the roof and it fell two stories and smashed into 3 pieces? After squealing and fighting back tears and breaking out onto the precipice of Impending Hyperventilation, I climbed down the ladder, reassembled it, turned it on and waited for a breathless 5 minutes to discover if I was going to have to create one of those incredibly obnoxious "lolz i need ur #s" Facebook Groups.

BUT O-M-G. I dropped my Blackberry probably about 25 feet onto a hard surface and it... survived. It's not even cracked or scratched. And it wasn't in a case. This is a goddamn miracle. GET A BBERRY THEY ARE SO DURABLE, much moreso than the iPhone which is admittedly cooler than a Bberry in every other regard. Ha now that I typed this I'm kind of assuring an ex post facto malfunction but whatevs.


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Mmmm twitterberry