Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey, guess what? Today I got to walk around the Village, groping my newly-purchased reporter's recorder, chattin' about writing with my favorite contemporary author of all time. Uh-huh, just a regular day, ya know, discussing the writing process, books, literary feuds, etc with Jonathan Safran Foer. Ain't no thang.


Interview up on NYU Local tomorrow morning, blog post to follow on J&J.

P.S. Thank god Blogger doesn't have a "moods" indicator like Livejournal does (heh just rememberin' this from HS, ok? Ok.) because right now I'd be restraining myself from putting "giddy."


Anonymous said...

Ahhh so excited to read it!

Jess and Josh said...

well luckily for you since you are my bffaeae i already sent you a copy of the transcript to your nyu email 10 mins ago! don't show it to anyone since it's not scheduled to run until tomorrow morning.

Josh said...

blackberry photo? or papz shot

Jess and Josh said...

we brought our photo editor along so she took the pic!