Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Ave and St. Marks

This old guy and this old woman were talking on the street and then they kissed each other's cheeks and she walked down 1st ave and only looked back over her shoulder once to glance at him and he got into his 1998 Volvo and pulled a bottle from one of those black and gold liquor store bags and I thought he was inspecting some nice wine he bought and then he took a swig of it and then he took another swig and it was obvious that it was rum and that he was sad and then I got really sad because smoking a cigarette seems more meaningful and serious when you do it while listening to your iPod. I hope he doesn't drive away soon but I also hope he doesn't pass out on the wheel. Now I'm watching his car from my bedroom window. I shouldn't read poetry even if it is about the internet and animation games, it only depresses me.


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