Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ya See the Thing About Twitter

is that I swore I would never, ever get one. I believe I'm on record as saying "I will never get a fucking Twitter ever in my life," potentially in front of my entire New Media class.

But then I used it last week to keep students up to date on the TBNYU fiasco.

And then I realized that all of my friends have them and I kind of feel like I'm missing out on something; like they all got invited to Marcus Schwartz's birthday party and their parents took them to KB Toys to get him a birthday present and in school on Monday they all talked about the awesome decorations and how good the Superman cake was. And I spent my Saturday like, at the Allentown Public Library in the Young Adult Fiction section. But this is not about that!

What this is about is you people deciding for me if I should get a Twitter. I have become so mind-blowingly horrible when it comes to judging people and situations recently, floating around from poor choice to poor choice, that I have basically decided to abstain from making any choices at all. So let's lend this one to democratic process. I will give you some pros and cons to help with your decision.

1) I don't have to feel left out anymore =/
2) I can stop updating my Facebook status as often
3) I am studying New Media and look kind of like a jerk being so anti-Twitter.

1) I will be (more of) a hypocrite.
2) I hate the basic platform of Twitter: not everyone needs to know your thoughts as soon as you think them. It's the ultimate form of voyeurism and oversharing, two things that I am quite buddy-buddy with but two things I am not so enamored with that I would fuck them on the first date.
3) Less of myself will be mine. Even less than already is. All those thoughts I keep to myself will suddenly feel like they need to be peeled from my skull and reworded in witty and appropriate ways. So much pressure!

Your votes will decide. This is probably the most important decision you will ever have to make so THINK HARD. And remember if you say I should get a Twitter you have to become one of my followers so think good and long if you want my annoyingness to continue to pervade your internet existence.



David Hodges said...

jess: don't. give. in.

Vanessa said...

do it. you know you want to.

hypocrite #1

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But yeah get it.

Jess and Josh said...

2 for, 1 against; step it up people.

Also David I love when you text me from Buenos Aires!!! I have no idea how much it's gonna cost me to text you back but I'm doin it (sry papa roy).

bohobum said...


LOLSAM said...

Do ittttt. Then we can quote each other and not forget about it (because I totally forgot the awesome quote we had last night already).

Jess and Josh said...

so we have 4 against 1 going right now and vanessa claims her vote counts for 10 haha.

@sam: it had something to do with our lack of dignity and we weren't even drunk yet haha.

Anonymous said...

Don't get it, it's lame.

Vanessa said...

alright, my vote DOES count for 10, no one else is voting, we won the competition, GET A TWITTER ALREADY.

i know you want one, and anyway, i need you to read my updates, which are private. i'll expect to have you following me by this time tomorrow. great :)