Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Under My Gossip Umbrella

I was not going to post about this because much of it is unsubstantiated gossip and there is also a fair amount of victim blaming going on. However, fuck it, here's my two cents on this unfortunate incident: a friend of mine who works at Vogue confirmed to me that the rumor around the office is that Rihanna did indeed give Chris Brown herpes WHICH SHE CONTRACTED FROM KANYE WEST. How we're going to confirm this I have no idea, but just thought I would share.

Obviously what Chris Brown did was unacceptable, even if Rihanna was cheating on him/gave him an STI. Hitting people doesn't solve anything, mister!


1 comment:

LOLSAM said...

Hitting certainly doesn't solve anything. And you know what else doesn't? Biting. He bit her, too.