Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuck in 1998*

JESS: i just got an email notification that i received a fax... what do i do?
JOSH: uhm
JOSH: LOL I have never gotten a fax
JESS: i know wtf
JOSH: go to the machine copy thing and then just like....wait for it
JESS: lol
JESS: fuck it i'm deleting it and pretending i didn't get it
JOSH: wait LOL wait... you got an email
JOSH: saying.... that you got a fax
JOSH: you got an EMAIL saying that you got a FAX
JESS: A new fax has arrived from **** (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 1**
JESS: LOL. ok that is pretty ridiculous
JOSH: "Hi, I'm calling to tell you that I sent you a telegram"

*JESS'S MOM: just read the post on being stuck in 1998--it's actually 1992. i used to have people call me to say they were sending a fax and then call again to see if i got it. then they started doing it with emails


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, i still do what Jess's mom said with faxes. I think faxing is so cool. It's so much easier than scanning something and emailing it and having the other person print it. It's like, you put the paper in, and a tangible copy of it magically appears at the other end, ready to use! So handy!

Jess and Josh said...

that's actually kind of a good point. though the scanning the doc into a pdf/having it emailed is sweet if you need it converted digitally. for some reason faxes just seem so obsolete to me. maybe because their shelf life was short-- it seems like e-mail became popular very soon after the fax was invented.

bohobum said...

ha! faxes seem so silly to me too. the only thing that could have made that funnier was if the fax read "I mailed you a letter. Be. Waiting."