Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last week an NYU journalism student interviewed us for her inquiry class. She seemed shell shocked at the amount of work Josh and I take on. She assumed we got paid for this little blog because we post on it so much! I think it's safe to say that most of you know we do not get paid, and that it actually is a lot of work to keep this up, when you think about the fact that I edit NYU Local every Thursday, plus write articles for it, plus write articles for Daily Gorilla, plus do their pop culture graphs, plus do homework, plus have a job that I work at 30 hours a week... yeah. It gets busy.

This is basically just a longwinded, self-pitying way of saying sorry I haven't posted much substantial material the past few days. My wifi has been spotty this past week and I am busy. Obnoxiously so. To the point where I am always banging into people in the staircase leading to the 6 train and spilling hot coffee all over my hands and sleeping 5 hours a night.

BUT. In a matter of HOURS (midnight!) I turn 21. So I may or may not be posting much this weekend because I am going to try to spend the weekend as permawasted as possible.



Denesteak said...

omg, happy 21st!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! legal trashedness once and for all.

MediaMaven said...

Jess, you're amazing, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Will we read a wrap-up? :)