Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Real TBNYU

Tonight on the Real World, the conflict between the sexes at the end of the episode was a sadly apt analogy for the recent TBNYU occupation.

The guys (though really J.D., who decided to speak for his entire so-called team's opinion, a sadly familiar theme) were, on one level, right: if the girls were really neglecting doing basic chores, then they should have started. (I can see not vacuuming the floors every week, since they're only at the house for what must be four more months, but the dishes and trash at least seem reasonable.)

But then they went all crazy. A chores list? Hiding the car keys? Smashing the fucking glass table and then throwing the house phone over the balcony? Those are analogous to the property damage and other shenanigans perpetrated by the student occupiers--the very same shenanigans that nullified their reasons for committing them in the first place.

Maybe those students should've gotten a sneak peak at this episode before deciding to go through with their occupation.


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