Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Passion for Fashion

Preen, Fall '09, Style.com
I love fashion, but I hate Fashion Week. It caused three of my fashion/PR-employed friends to miss my birthday dinner. It closes down all the good clubs for exclusive afterparties. It makes me twice as self-conscious walking around the city because it is momentarily inhabited by 6 foot something glamazons coated in fur and sequins. It causes all of New York City's news to revolve around something some French mag heiress said.

I also feel guilty glorifing the heinously expensive in a time of such economic upheavel. My parents are losing thousands of dollars of my tuition money in the stock market and my Grandmother's Medicaid barely covers her most-needed prescriptions and Josh can't find a job and I'm sitting here on style.com perusing the Rag and Bone show (fucking phenomenal, by the way).

Is it shallow to appreciate fashion -- something I elevate to an art... the way those fabrics feel between your finger tips! The way those colors catch the light! -- when the economic apocalypse all but has its fingers wrapped around our collective throats? Perhaps it is a needed distraction for some people perched upon that precarious precipice between debt and foreclosure. Or perhaps it is a slap in the face to those people that the super rich can still host lavish parties and adorn their fit, shiny bodies in gold and diamonds while the rest of us shovel Ramen into our mouths while reading the Classifieds.

For me this is a love-hate thing, much the way I feel about Fashion Week in general. I love to ogle the incredible collections put out by Preen and Vena Cava, fully aware that I will never own a damn thing by either of them (no matter how hard I lust), but I am also made into this ugly thing, this heavy-breathing, jealous, awful thing that despises the fact that all this money is being spent on such frivolity when people I know are dropping out of college because they can no longer afford skyrocketing tuition.

In times of economic depression, culture often thrives untarnished. Are the Fall '09 collections testament to that, or will they simply--and should they simply-- fall by the wayside to reveal the more important things?



My Infinite Numbered Days said...

1) If no one spent money on fashion, then they would be out of business, too. At least some industry can still do decent.

2) Completely random: Can you and Josh post a music update soon? I've been in the musical doldrums for a while.

Jess and Josh said...

Good point!

And of course we can. I'll let Josh know since he's the music guru.

Jess and Josh said...

I'm not a music guru.

Muzak? That I can handle.


LOLSAM said...

Nope. Culture is really important, even in a recession.