Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Video Game Glorifies Rape

Selena over at Pitter Patter alerted me to one of the most fucked up things I have honestly witness in my short, young life.

It is a game called Rapelay, that functions much like the Sims, that basically allows for you to play an angry, violent rapist whose main objective is to rape a mother and her two virgin daughters. I... wish I was kidding.

As the rapist you essentially stalk the women-- on the subway, in parks-- until they become physically turned on (because of course, deep down all women want it, right?) and yet still (NSFW!) cry and scream as you fuck them. One of the girls (NSFW!) appears to be about ten years old.

Perhaps this is not that much different from some Hentai porn which uses its animated quality to hide behind the fact that what it is promoting is essentially the degradation and sexualization of a crime that is in fact inherently VIOLENT. I'm not sure how long it will take for people to realize that rape is not a sexual crime; just because it involves sexual organs and sexual acts does not make the rapist or their victim in any way tied to sexual behavior. It is a violent crime, committed by an aggressor, that renders the victim physically and emotionally wounded in a way that disallows for sexuality to even become a factor. But the difference between this video game and Hentai porn is that, while watching porn is a passive act that renders you a 3rd party observing both the aggressor and the victim, Rapelay allows for you to actually become the rapist. Not only does it glorify and strip away the violent aspects of rape in an attempt to make it sexual and gratifying for the viewers, but Rapelay also seems to communicate the idea that "rape is easy." And not only is it easy and okay, but it is also in some ways natural: that women want it, even if they cry, even if they run, even if they say no a million times, they still want you to hold them down and fuck them against their will. And as the man, you deserve to get what you came for.

While those into S&M may say that they do want that (indeed there is nothing wrong with pinning someone's hands to the bed), there is absolutely nothing sexual about a violent crime like rape. And to confuse those two, to inject even a modicum of pleasure gaining into a video game, a 3D incredibly lifelike cartoon that kids anywhere can access (like age limits will really do anything) should be considered a serious blight on the work of all anti-rape activists and on the victims of such a horrendously violent crime.

I feel slightly nauseous now.



Vanessa said...

I feel physically ill. I echo your sentiments; I just...don't even understand a little. What. The. Fuck.

Where do we even go from here?

My Infinite Numbered Days said...

This is bad, but at the same time you've always been able to get a drunk girl to have sex with you on "Grand Theft Auto"--which is rape. Maybe not so blatant, but I feel like so much more likely to happen.

There should be more about that, too.