Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Juicy No More

Online gossip forum JuicyCampus--which we've written about before--is shutting down.

While Jess was never a fan of the site, I always viewed it with a sense of bemused detachment (and, okay, more than a little nosiness). In fact, I had it bookmarked in its earliest days. The problem it faced is that there are so many other outlets for gossip--from Facebook to Twitter, not to mention the small-talk among casual friends at any given party--and it never became an indelible part of campus life, at least among NYU students. In today's Web (and, ahem, economy), a successful online venture must convincingly position itself as both essential and revolutionary--something you didn't know you couldn't live without. While campus gossip will surely live on through other channels, JuicyCampus will join the myriad of Web sites that didn't generate enough buzz.



Vanessa said...

I'm sorry, this makes me SO FUCKING HAPPY. I know JuicyCampus didn't affect a huge number of students at NYU, most of whom were too busy Tweeting (this is the verb for Twitter, yes?) to be concerned about what fake rumor was being spread about them online, but for those it did affect it could be incredibly damaging, and I for one, am pleased to see that stupid fucking asshole Mike Ivester go down.

Sorry about the venom. And not saying you're pro-online-bullying Josh, obvi. Just saying that I am VERY pleased about this. YAY!

Also, 3 pound glasses of wine are excellent. Is all.

LOLSAM said...

Who's that sexy gossip duo up there?