Monday, February 23, 2009

J&J Hosting Party at Le Poisson Rouge on Thursday

This is a picture of our last party. It was fun.

Someone asked Josh and I to host a party at the Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge on Thursday. We are flattered, especially me since, you know, I am pretty much the opposite of a NYC Nightlife party princess. Flyer to come, but here are some details:

Charlie Eisenhood
, friend and fellow NYU Localite, as well as famed TBNYU liveblogger, has graciously agreed to DJ the party since if I tried it would just be "Juicy" by Biggie on repeat.

$3 Rolling Rock 9-11pm
$6 Rolling Rock/Jack shot all night
The music will be: "80s, 90s, electro, new wave, glam, old school hip hop, soul, etc."

Photos by birthday boy Antwan Duncan of I Think You're Swell (see above pic).

Everyone should come! Josh and I get a free bottle of Svedka so free drinks will abound. It's super close to campus: 158 Bleecker between Sullivan and Thompson. And it'll be fun. And cool. So come. Yeah.



Anonymous said...


i hope you had fun at your party, the both of you, i did, even though i didn't even so much as get an honorable mention.

don't do it would be tacky.

Jess and Josh said...

i figured the link on the pic would be enough but i guess not JEEZ SORRY.

will you come on thursday and take pictures? please? i'll give you the free svedka.

Anonymous said...

i'll come b/c i like you guys.

Jess and Josh said...

you're the best. i love you twan. do you want to be on the flyer?

Anonymous said...

haha. thursday is actually my birthday. i just noticed, haha.

umm, sure if you want. i don't think i'll be drinking, i feel sick as hell right now, def the flu..

Jess and Josh said...

awwww well we can celebrate your birthday then! that makes the party all the better. and i hope you feel better, that really sucks. drink kambucha tea. it tastes like ass but it'll make you feel a lot better

Anonymous said...

PLEASE remain this cool until (and after) I come back!

MRV said...



kidding. congrats u2.