Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Hungover and Want to Die :)

Thanks to everyone who came to me and Josh's birthday party last night, despite all of my obnoxious "don't bring all your plaid-wearing friends to my party" messages. Too bad no one heeded them but like whatever it was fun anyway. (Though cleanup was kind of a bitch and I only cleaned the bathroom and the floors.)

But basically all of my gifts were weed related which makes me feel like such a deadbeat but also I really liked them which makes me more of a deadbeat. =/

The party was a definite relief after all of last week's hard work on the part of the NYU Local staff. Texting this to WSN's Adam Playford after he said he couldn't come to my party because he was still working was maybe the highlight: "The entire NYU Local staff is here and wasted because we got 200,000 hits today. Enjoy your work."

Lily inspires my (all in good, competitive fun) bitchiness to the extreme.

Love ya Mr. Blustering Self-Important. ;)


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Adam said...

Well, see, reporting takes up a lot of time, and keeping up my bluster takes up a lot of time, and well, when you do them together, it just takes a lot of time, and so I wind up missing parties.

But glad to know I could still help make it a special birthday for you.