Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facebook Attempts to Be More Like Digg

This morning I woke up and all the sudden Facebook had gotten a lot more judgmental. They've apparently gone the Digg route and added a "Like" button to statuses, pictures and other things, that allow friends to give you thumbs up if they think you look hot/like what you have to say. The Facebook evolution continues. I am predicting a backlash in the form of angry, irrelevant "REMOVE THE 'LIKE' BUTTON FROM FACEBOOK" groups to begin cropping up the second the bros emerge from their morning Natty Light-induced hangover.


JOSH SAYS: This in addition to the Digg application for Facebook. Someone thumbs-up this article on Stumble and save it to Delicious, then Digg it on Facebook. Then kill yourself.

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The College Blog Network said...

Hahah omg facebook FAIL. Jeeze between this and facebook connect im not sure which i hate more.