Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bourgeoisie, The Rebel, and the Lonely Gay Guy

Hey everyone I hear you wanna get at some hot new tunes so here they are with illegal mp3 links and everything!

Friendly Fires- Paris (Aeroplane Remix) Sometimes, you wish your life were The City, and you could have your banal conversations with Whitney Port filmed for national television, and then you can go to Tenjune and watch your pseudo-boyfriends fight over who can fit the biggest dildo in their mouth. And you want a hot dance remix to play in the background of it all! This song is that hot dance remix. Friendly Fires is this dance-rock band, and some DJ Lothario (probably French?) was like "let's remix the song and also have the girl from Au Revoir Simone sing the entire thing" but it's so beautiful that I'll bet Friendly Fires, like, don't even care. Because they're friendly.

Lil' Wayne- Comfortable (featuring Babyface) You know how at the end of the "Mrs. Officer" video the beat changes and suddenly Lil' Wayne is pissed at his lady-cop grrrl? Yeah, that was actually his not-really-smooth transition to the far superior "Comfortable," produced by Kanye and featuring "Face," as Weezy calls him. Great use of strings--"Flashing Lights" lives on, I guess--and as much as I love Beyonce, Wayne has a great time just ripping "Irreplaceable" apart. Fun bonus activity: listen to this and then "Take a Bow" and marvel and just how far Babyface has come. I think "Comfortable" is the best Lil' Wayne song, ever better than A Milli you guys seriously.

Franz Ferdinand- No You Girls Once again, Alex Kapranos can't really write lyrics that make sense, and once again he's kind of just rewritten "Take Me Out" slightly repackaged as glam rock. But also once again, he's written a really catchy rock song that hits all the right notes. Pun totally intended! Thanks for going ahead and actually releasing new music, Franz Ferdinand. (You can go ahead and skip the rest of their new album Tonight, as it's pretty much Spoon For People Who Don't Have Enough Spoon In Their Lives. What the fuck happened to the guy who wrote "Fade Together"?)

And one oldie-but-oh-so-goodie:


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