Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being Ill Not so Ill

So I think my vicious cold from last week has officially morphed into a sinus infection. It has gotten to the point where I feel like my head exploding is a very viable outcome. I am illogically afraid of doctors considering I used to date one, but I finally gave in and decided to call NYU's Student Health Center.

God, they fucking suck.

You can't make appointments in advance for sick visits at the Primary Care Center. You have to call between 8am and 9am and hope that they can squeeze you in that day. If you call after 9am they won't have any appointments available. You can also do walk-in appointments but that means you have to basically miss all class/work obligations and spend the day sitting on the 3rd floor of 726 Broadway.

I want to die. I am very close to just going home to Philly to see my own doctor. I have so much work and I can barely stare at the computer screen without recoiling in pain. :( How on earth am I going to write all about Baudelaire when my brain feels like it is pushing out my ears????


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pitterpatter said...

ha. ha. ha.

i just went in for a staph infection in my finger. (i know, it's nast to the max) but i sat in the waiting room on the 3rd floor for two and a half hours. talked to SOMEONE (professional or nonprofessional, i'll never know) for less than 10 minutes. glory.

at least they prescribed me drugs. as long as i get my fix and a doctor's note for class. baller.