Thursday, February 19, 2009

About Those Student Protesters

You'll notice that Jess and I have yet to mention the student protests at Kimmel on this blog (aside from Jess mentioning that it has consumed her NYU Local editing duties today). That's because we, um...think it's stupid misinformed and overblown. Many of the demands don't really make sense or mesh together to form a cohesive argument--what does Gaza have to do with the Coke ban?--and doing things like requesting vegan food is just so spoiled!

Good for them for doing something, but, you know, members of the Westboro Baptist Church also did something. You need focus, not just motivation, and blocking off an NYU dining hall doesn't grant their fight the gravity they want. They're barricading themselves in the Kimmel Marketplace? Okay, next time people vote for a Prop-8-like law, I'm calling for a sit-in at Upstein. Chick-fil-A on me.



Ellen Cushing said...

Thanks, Josh, for not devoting any more space to this than it deserves.

carrie said...

Josh, I am inclined to agree with Ellen, I'll come to your Upstein Sit-In but unless TBNYU is quenching the thirst of those in war-torn Gaza with non-coke products, they just looked ridiculous today.