Wednesday, February 25, 2009

12 Hours of Sleep in the Past 3 Days

I am having similar school issues as Josh. I have an 8 page paper on Baudelaire/Dandyism due on Monday, about 400 pages of reading to do by 2pm/tomorrow, and Local editing/article-writing for Thursday. Exciting stuff. Fuck school. I don't remember it ever being this hard. Or maybe I just didn't ever do extra-curriculars/stay up until 2 a.m. with notorious internetty folks drinking in my bedroom? (Potentially more on that to follow though probably not; in any case I am kind of making out with The Internet.)

But yeah. Come tomorrow. Also check out this sweet piece Joe wrote on Tao Lin/Hipster Run-off. Tao is highly self-promotional, but he is really only incorporating big company marketing campaigns to drive his little business. It's actually pretty impressive. I think Tao is cool, though I am biased because he has sent me free copies of his books before so obviously he is pretty awesome.


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Nina said...

I'm the same way, love. So exhausted from the past week. There are hundreds of pages of reading that I haven't done so that I could write my first paper of the semester.

Nevertheless, I am excited for Thursday and will get as much caffeine in my bloodstream before the night begins :)

p.s. my birthday is on Saturday night and you two better be free.