Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Truth About Back Hair

I've been really interested in truth lately. You know, truth, the organization made up of people who run around Manhattan with crawling baby dolls and men dressed as rats, spreading the word about the nefarious tobacco industry. As a smoker myself, I've always harbored secret dreams about being in one of their ads (I'm vain), but lately I've thought a lot about what exactly they do on a day-to-day basis, how they receive funding, and what makes someone like this want to get involved.

So I was on their Web site and I came across their Hairy Mail application, and I'm confused, to say the least. What exactly does a man's unfortunate body hair have to do with cigarettes?

...Oh. I still don't quite the application's purpose, other than to generate discussion about the site as a whole. Would any specialists in guerrilla marketing care to explain this to me? I know this thing has been around a while and has indeed received media attention (including a link from the illustrious, but I wonder how much of that attention even acknowledges that the application is part of a broader anti-tobacco program. From the looks of it, many people are ignorant of that fact, which leads me to wonder why Hairy Mail has stayed on the site at all.

I also wonder who the unfortunate male model is, and how the truth people got him to do this. Same thing I wonder about the casting of "the stereotypical fat girl" in teen movies and "the before model" in commercials.


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