Saturday, January 24, 2009

Duncan Davies's Hairy Chest

That's a video of Duncan, Erin's lumberjack Canadian musician sensitive super-great boyfriend, playing the gee-tar on an unfinished track for which he made a music video anyway. It's not a secret or anything, but it strangely has only a few--under 1,000--views. (Maybe because it sucks is too artistic for the mainstream.)

Sadly, MTV wanted him and Erin to break up--presumably so they wouldn't have to keep flying him to and from Canada?--but they wouldn't break up, because true love is resilient! And this is Duncan's one chance to be on MTV, you know.

Speaking of being on MTV, we all know that the network heavily edits its "reality" shows, but The City is shot so haphazardly that "even the cast doesn't know how it's going to look until it airs." Like, nobody has any idea how they're going to be portrayed on television. (Cough cough Olivia Palermo.)

Also, everybody who works at DVF hates this show and the producers and the cameramen and poor ol' Whitney "because MTV won't let them move their stuff around in the office because everything needs to look the same for reshoots and stuff."

Now look at some pictures of the lovebirds. (Click for bigger.)


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Susie said...

keep these posts coming! they're better than the show.