Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steinhardt Event

NYU's Steinhardt School asked me and Josh to participate in a panel entitled "New Media and NYU," along with some people from NYU Local and WSN. Flattery! Josh and I plan on getting really wasted and making rape jokes. Heh heh kidding. But really it's an informal discussion about blogging and the internetz. So if you're interested in any of that stuff, or want to see how embarrassingly awful I am at public speaking (and by "public speaking" I mean "turning bright red and answering in monosyllables because I'm a blogger and not a TV personality for a reason") you should come. It's Tuesday January 27 from 12:30pm-1:45pm, though I don't know where yet.


Josh says: Yeah, expect a lot of bangs-adjusting and water-sipping from me. I have no idea what I'm going to tell these bright, scholarly people. Oh yeah, I got high and posted a video of Louis C.K. That got a lot of responses. If you know us (and are free), please come; familiar faces are always welcome.


Vanessa said...

This is the first thing that has made me genuinely sad not to be in the US for the next few months. Blow them away kiddies, and maybe liveblog the whole thing for those of us abroad? That would be the true New Media thing to do, of course :) Luck (not that you need it!)

MediaMaven said...

Damn! I'd totally go and see you if I wasn't, ya know, working. Then again, if I could I'd also be in DC. But that is awesome--report back!