Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Updatez

You know how I tend to think WSN is the shittiest "paper" ever written? Well, I still do, but I'm giving some of the writers another chance (because both me and Josh swore to be less judgmental this year as our New Year's Resolution) and teaming up with them for the freshly launched online mag, Daily Gorilla. Go check it out. I will be writing a big story for them once every two weeks, and also doing pop culture graphs on Fridays.

Josh and I are also continuing to write for NYU Local this semester, so check that out too.

I'm going to be horribly busy this semester, with those jobs plus school/work 9am-9pm every week day, plus homework. But I promise to find time to blog! J&J is still my #1 writing priority. I've just been kind of blah lately and need a shot in the arm -- in the form of the restarting of my routine TOMORROW -- to get the writing juices flowing again.

I think a lot of us start school again tomorrow, so GOOD LUCK. If you go to NYU, try not to spill your coffee on anyone in the elevator at Silver. (I, thankfully, have no classes in that awful building this semester) Brave the long line at Starbucks. Have forced conversations with people you didn't make an effort to see over winter break. Lament the end of the past month of lethargy. Woo!


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