Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Question

Why the hell does Alan Ball insist on having the longest show openers ever? They're always awesome and visually gratifying but the Six Feet Under and True Blood openers are just wayyyyyy too fucking long.



Shawn said...

oh, i know. but, i think it might be more of an hbo thing... big love's opening was entertaining for an episode or so, but after a while... it just gets to be a bit much.

Jameson said...

Self. In. Dulge. Ence. But yeah, they're very freaking lush.

Love your blog.

Lee said...

Sorry, gonna have to respectfully disagree with you in Six Feet Under's being too long. Thomas Newman's theme song was unbelievable, I would've watched the show just for the opening credits to roll and the flower to perk up with that wonderful change of strings. Anyway, nice blog you have here!

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