Wednesday, January 21, 2009

P.S.A. (Pot Service Announcement)

If there's one piece of criticism I've heard about this blog more than any other, it's this: Jess and I reference weed too much. Even my mom said we should tone it down. For the sake of our non-420-readership (which must be, like, three people, tops) as well as any potential employers (ahem) reading this, I'd like to say a word about weed.

Yes, Jess and I smoke it. Yes, we smoke it often. No, we don't smoke it before class or work or anything important. But our philosophy is, if we're gonna be just hanging out and watching TV anyway, why not enhance the experience?

We have always been upfront about our lives--we use the "TMI" tag a lot--and don't like to hide aspects of our personalities just because they're not, well, kosher. Today, my creative writing teacher called me "transparently insecure," and he was right: I am a forthright, open book, all the pages intact, all my embarrassing moments and deep fears available to anyone who'd care to look. I think I can speak for Jess on that front as well; for as long as I've known her, I've known her, and while we've both changed since freshman year, we never hid things from each other, only to reveal them later over a bottle of wine on the Brooklyn Bridge while singing Simon and Garfunkel. As I said, we have always been upfront about our lives. Weed is simply a part of our lives, and there's no point in hiding that fact.

All I ask is that you hold back on the judgments. Don't assume that we're total slackers or unmotivated burn-outs because we use bongs more than calculators. (I guess I'm still a little burnt out from high school, but that's another blog post.) So don't tell us that we reference weed too much; this is our blog, the one place where we can go and say whatever the hell we want. And I'd rather be honest and stoned than duplicitous and sober.



Ellen said...

love the timestamp.

Vanessa said...

Not the point of your post at all but: "my creative writing teacher." Unless you're taking more than one creative writing class, I am totally dying over this sentence, because I know who you mean and I would love to be described as "transparently insecure," or anything, really, by him. Intense jealousy attack!

(Why is reading J&J the only thing that makes me upset to be in Europe?! STOP IT YOU GUYS!)

Jess and Josh said...

LOL the timestamp was totally unintentional.


Jess and Josh said...

that bud looks so sticky and delicious