Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Zealand?

Wow. So many people--including a surprisingly large amount of the Western world--don't have Internet. All their base are not belong to them?

I really don't know how to expound on this. I've grown so used to the Internet, I can't imagine life without it. So, Most of the World, what's it like to not check Facebook three times a day? (I'm really asking you kids in the "first world." I know they have bigger problems in Mali than what Julia Allison is doing.)


UPDATE: Yes, that map is from 2000. This map is much more recent. Europe's way more connected now, as is Japan, but other than that the rates are pretty much the same across the globe, at least on a relative scale.


Marshall said...

3 times a day? Before we get out of bed, you mean?

Mazi said...

Not to nitpick but that map is from 2000. . .