Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miley's Nipple

Yes, yes, 1000th-post video is coming, tonight I had to be in the West Village to do things, plus we have our panel tomorrow, so no, Jess and I didn't get a chance to make it. But I have to talk about this for a moment.

It's a picture of a Miley Cyrus nip slip.

1. I can't believe this is already starting with her...Robot Chicken did a funny skit tonight involving a Disney producer warning Miley how they'd end her show if she ever "got knocked up like that Zoey 101 slut." (Spoiler alert: it involved her getting decapitated.) And South Park last year alluded to Miley's public loss of innocence at the end of its Britney episode. But whoa we're actually starting to sexualize (maturize?) her, by which I mean, many people have always fantasized about her and Annie Leibovitz took those photos of her but for the most part the tabloids have stayed away from stories about Miley drinking, Miley hooking up with guys, Miley as a sexual being--a.k.a. doing the things that teenagers do--but here we go. Stay strong, and we'll see you again (ha ha get it that's the name of her biggest hit) soon!

2. I feel gross blogging about this. She's fifteen.

3. Ummm was she at like a Lord of the Rings convention?


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