Friday, January 2, 2009

Is Your Man Gay?

Answer: If you need to take a stupid Internet test to find out, then he probably is. Go ahead, though, and see for yourself. Never mind that those answers rely on tired, borderline-offensive stereotypes:

I know, stupid things on the Internet--shocking. But I don't even get the point of this quiz's "entertainment value." Is anyone actually trying to find out if their boyfriend wants a boyfriend? Or is it just a big gay joke? When I can't tell, I'm a little offended. And clearly bored.


P.S. Okay, I have to give them credit for one thing. That guy in the picture is such a perfect is-he-or-isn't-he model. Would it be desperate to admit I'm kind of into him? If so, then never mind.


Vanessa said...

Last summer my friend was dating someone who we all legit thought was gay. I suppose it was stereotype-based, but we all knew him very well (ah, summer camp) so it wasn't like, "Oh he has nice shoes I bet he's gay." But anyway, Cosmo happened to run a version of this quiz that summer, and my friend took it only to discover, according to Cosmo, her man was indeed gay. She was legit curious, and somewhat convinced after the test, though they stayed together for some time after. I am still convinced he is 100% gay.

Which is all to say, yes, I think sometimes someone is really trying to figure out if their boyfriend wants a boyfriend. You still could be offended, but I promise sometimes it's a legit question.

Jess and Josh said...

Oh I know it's a legit concern. My annoyance isn't so much at the question itself as it is at the assumption that a gay person would rather see a Broadway show than a rock concert. Maybe a certain TYPE of person (i.e. drama nerd), but that doesn't always mean gay.

And, again, if you have to ask...