Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Like School (For Now)

I can't sleep. I keep doing this: waking up really early in the morning and then lying in my bed and contemplating taking Benadryl to knock me out, but then not doing it because I'm afraid I'll then sleep through my alarm. I am like a little kid on Christmas morning, because my mom bought me an iPod touch for my upcoming (21st!) birthday, and it's supposed to be delivered today, and I'm so excited to have an iPod that 1) isn't a mini from 2004, 2) doesn't run out of battery in legit 10 minutes and 3) has WIFI, that I can't go back to sleep. Also I'm a dork.

Classes were good. In very typical NYU fashion I was notified of my New Media class changing from MW 12:30-1:45, to T 4:55-7:35pm at well, 4pm -- 55 minutes before class was supposed to start. And it conflicted with another class. And I hate NYU so fucking much. But it worked out for the best, because I dropped Fiction and will be doing another independent study which means an easy A in something I'm actually interested in.

As for my New Media class I am quite happy (though I doubt my parents are) to be paying all this money to learn about RSS Feeds and de.licious. That's what we learned about yesterday. Google reader. It was actually quite awesome because Josh and I are always posting about how we don't know shit about these internetty things, and now I have a really cool Israeli telling me all about them.

While it was weird to be back in New York, on campus, running into people I love and hate, it felt really good to reestablish routine. We're going to be doing some great stuff with NYU Local this semester, and I'm excited to see what the rest of my classes are like. Then again, I always like them the first week, and by the second I realize that the professor is a narcissist or the reading list is absurd or the people in my class are all pompous dicks. But for now let me be optimistic! I mean, it happens so rarely.



Michele said...

I actually think it's good that you're learning about new media, although I could have taught you about RSS and Delicious since I've been using them for years now. And I would have done it for FREE! But of course, I'm not a cool Israeli. :-)

ontheloo said...

I thought that was you in my New Media class! I just wasn't sure. We shall meet for real next week. ; )


Jess and Josh said...

OMG. i can't believe you didn't say hi! yes we must def meet next week :)

maitresse said...

you know you miss paris :)

rebekker said...

Have you heard of/met Alice Marwick? but she has a pretty decent internet presence and is currently writing her dissertation about internet status/fame--she's really interesting, I don't know if you could take a class w/her at this point, but she's at NYU as a PhD student. Anyway, if you get more interested in the academic aspects of new media, she's a great source.