Friday, January 23, 2009

I Envy Whitney Port

So last night, my Canadian friend told me that Duncan (aka Erin's Canadian boyfriend who is Canadian) went to her high school and they have mutual friends so she has sooo much dirt on the show. I'll give you a full report when she gives me details, but suck on these naughty nuggets for a while:

> Whitney gets paid $20,000 an episode!
> Erin is a huge pothead!
> Duncan gets flown out to New York (and, later on in the season, Miami) for free, pretty much whenever he wants!



P.S. I guess there's technically no way to "verify" this, but this is as reliable as The City gossip is going to get, seeing as how it's all first-hand. I'm slingin' mud all over everywheres! If you want to add to the gossip pile concerning these Interesting Television Personalities, please feel free to email me.


Anonymous said...

Ahh I cannot wait for this full post!!

But I doubt Whitney gets $20,000 an episode, considering that's what Lauren got when The Hills was at its peak, and didn't that get millions more viewers than The City does?

Luci said...

Actually, I thought I heard Lauren was getting like 60k per episode?

20 would sound about right.

A friend of a friends sister is Sami, who was brought on the show just to cause drama with that boyfriend of hers. Said its all fake, and of course none of them have real jobs.

Jess and Josh said...

Yeah, I've heard Whitney doesn't reallly work at DVF. And like Olivia has an internship anywhere.

My source will get back to me with full details sometime this weekend!