Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't Ask Me What I Searched for to Find This

This is the video I was just watching, because I am just that cool. Anyway, the video itself is as creepy and off-putting as you'd think a 1970s McDonald's commercial would be. The comments, however, are what made me smile.

Mastmedia starts things off with an insightful assumption about the actor who plays Ronald; what I'd remind him is that any grown man forced to dress up as Estelle Getty on acid for a living probably needs a lot more than alcohol to feel okay with himself. 193and is the kind of person who takes children's television commercials seriously. NolanCho and thealy45 both wonder what happens after the camera stops rolling. Thealy45 also has a keen observation! Retrocomm kind of thinks the same thing I'm thinking, but then he says something retarded about "the past." Sned101 cares about the archival accuracies of old McDonald's commercials but doesn't care about the grammatical accuracies of basic English. MelanieLouM is someone I never ever want to meet in real life >.< She uses way too many smilies and then reveals herself to be even whiter than me, which is both impressive and sad. She is also uncomfortable with "urban" culture.

I know making fun of YouTube commenters is the cyber-quivalent of shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes they're so stupid it's beyond stupid, entering a realm of magical surrealism matched only by the cocaine-warped imaginations of the men who conceived of McDonald's clown mascot.


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Jess and Josh said...

LOL at these comments/your analysis

especially the "put down the past" one