Monday, January 5, 2009

"The City" Actual Review

Jess usually covers reality shows for this blog, as I'm not a huge fan of anything that doesn't involve New York the character, but hey, New York the city is almost as fun, right?

Apparently not, because nothing happened on The City tonight. Seriously. Whitney got an apartment, which we all saw coming a mile away, and she obviously had to find a place to live sooner or later but we knew it would happen unrealistically quickly and easily. Which it did! And she has a conveniently telegenic balcony. Erin, meanwhile, apparently has a boyfriend who lives in Canada--the latest in a lengthy list of long-distance lovers (whew!)--and we all know what that means. Erin also likes to say cheesy things that sound more scripted than the lines on Gossip Girl, like how she'd rather have her heart filled with love and then broken ten times than never fall in love at all, or something equally awkward to say to a new boyfriend. Then Whitney had trouble trusting Jay, again, because they were talking about how Erin and her guy already said "I love you" and maybe hypothetically we should do that and sigh can you pour me another glass? Olivia continued to be creepy, covering for an early-departing Whitney at work but then bitching about doing so later.

The show definitely needs more supporting characters--enough of Whitney and Erin exploring artificially-created New York Moments!--and also, what happened to Alex? Did he just decide to take a break from his gossipy alpha-maleness? And by the way, as an entry-level-almost-intern, Whitney totally wouldn't select the clothing for her boss's photo shoots. Just saying.

Um, maybe Jess can elaborate, but there's not much to elaborate on. These characters are still way too airbrushed; I hope the gloves come off soon.



Vanessa said...

Fell in love with Olivia tonight. "She didn't listen to me!" You tell him (who the fuck is he again?) girl!

Also: Emily = Erin. But I think I like you referring to her by the wrong name better, because it shows how much NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT THIS SHOW.

But we both still watched, so maybe I should shut my mouth.

Jess and Josh said...

Ah, thanks for catching that. And yeah, she's nice enough but she's so boring that her name might as well be Esther.