Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scared Eggs

This is a video of a dozen frightened eggs watching a dairy cooking show while being scolded by their chicken mother.


UPDATE: More from danboe's oeuvre:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kiss and Tell, and then Laugh

I'm a little late on this one, but it still pisses me off. A couple weeks ago, James Franco appeared on Letterman to promote Milk. Letterman totally goes the mildly-homophobic-guy-with-an-aging-sense-of-humor route by pestering Franco for minutes about kissing Sean Penn. (And in a ten-minute interview, that's a large chunk of time.)

First, Letterman actually says, "I mean, do you really want to be good at kissing a guy?" And the audience laughs and Franco looks embarrassed and it's like, fuck you, David Letterman. I think it's a harmless skill to have (frankly, I know more than a couple of men who could afford to learn it), and ignoring the homophobia in that question, I'd like to point out that Franco is a respected actor playing a man's lover. So yes, he does want--and, for the role, need--to be "good" at kissing a dude.

Then Franco offers to kiss Letterman, and you know someone with more self-confidence and humor--I'm thinking Stephen Colbert--would have let Franco plant one on the lips. (No tongue; I don't think I'd want to see David Letterman tongue-kiss anybody on camera.) But of course, Letterman offers the cheek, and it's just so weak and so, 'Ha ha James Franco's kissing Letterman! Eww! Gross ha ha!' and the audience eats it up and the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I'm being oversensitive, or maybe I'm just jealous that it wasn't me Franco was smooching. Either way, I don't understand why it's still considered outrageous to watch two guys kissing on camera.


P.S. I don't know who the two "news anchors" preceding the clip are, but ignore them. They're both idiots, the guy especially.

Please Don't Take a Picture

I have nothing to do at work right now. Seriously, nothing. I could send out finished books to reviewers, but our label printer is out of label paper and it's surprisingly difficult to find more. Instead, I'm going to do one of those blog posts and get a few things off my chest. This isn't about anyone in particular, but it's more a general, this-is-how-I-feel kind of thing.*

1) Stop bitching to me that your holiday vacation plans have been ruined or your parents might have to sell their summer home or you can't afford front-row Britney tickets or you went to Intermix but could only afford three things instead of the five you were hoping to buy. Stop it right now. I know you just want to vent and maybe this economy has shaken you ever so slightly out of your fortunate economic circumstances, but guess what? I have absolutely no pity for you. None. I don't have a summer home. After New Year's, I'm going to spend the rest of my vacation time working. Not like I want a medal or anything, but for many people, fabulous vacation plans were never in the picture in the first place. My dad lost his job last week (again). My mom's had to get a job at fucking Borders to pay the bills. There are some days where I can't spend money because I literally have none. Zero. In my bank account. And now I have to look for a new job next semester, for while my parents pay my rent and apartment bills (for which I am incredibly grateful), I have to pay my way through New York. I used to be a lot more spoiled than I am, though I still have a lot of work to do as far as perspective is concerned. I'm just saying, that your parents aren't hosting a lavish holiday party at your three-story mansion this year because "times are tough" will elicit nothing but petty jealousy and, frankly, anger that you think it's a big deal. We all lead such charmed lives, and there's too much to be thankful for to spend your time bitching about stuff like maybe having to skip over one or two sample sales because you don't need a third pair of boots.

2) Similarly, stop bitching to me about your internship. "Well I want to work at *super-cool edy magazine* but I already agreed to spend twenty hours a week at *respected media company* and my dad said he could hook me up with a job at *financial company* but I'll just have to see, I guess." That's great. The one awesome opportunity I all but had turned out to be nothing but a pipe dream; I thought I'd be blogging for mtvU and they were gonna pay me and it was going to be a really great job that would work with my weird class schedule and I'd finally get some bylines somewhere other than NYULocal (I love you NYULocal, but you can't be my one and only) and I was finally gonna catch a break and I love music so writing about it would be perfect The economy had, wave of layoffs, Viacom can barely keep track of all the money it's losing, and suddenly student blogging isn't a priority right now. Which is totally, 100% understandable! But the fact that "this is happening everywhere right now" did not help soothe my disappointment, or even alleviate my irrational feelings of inadequacy--what could I have done to make this a reality? I still hold out a glimmer of hope that Viacom will turn itself around and I can actually get started with this project, but I doubt it. I'd be looking forward to writing for them for months--going so far as to make a sample post that was read my the mtvU higher-ups--but, you know, blogging won't reverse the recession, blah blah blah, now I'm back to looking for work-study jobs (remember how well that worked out last time?) that will pay the cash but will not give me any sweet contacts or career mobility or anything close to the superficial fulfillment a byline evokes. **
And I know I bitch about not being able to work an unpaid internship a lot; I'm sure it gets annoying after a while. And, you know, maybe I could find something else online that wouldn't require a strict 9-to-5 commitment, that I could do over weekends and late at night, and if that opportunity comes I won't hesitate to try to get it, but I've browsed more internship sites than I can count and most of them, justifiably, require a significant chunk of time and unfortunately, I need to be making money right now. Just as often as I whine about this, though, various friends complain to me that their internship is working them to the bone and I guess I'm supposed to sympathize with them or something but really, I just want to slap them and make them see how fucking lucky they are that they don't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

3) Sam has bitched about this before, but it bears repeating because some people just don't get it! Yes, we're talking online. Yes, you're with your two home friends and it's not that cold outside and you have PBR and we haven't seen each other in a week. But sometimes I just don't feel like leaving my apartment! Friends are almost always welcome to my place, so if you want to see me so badly that you'll bitch to me about not coming to see you, why don't you come here? Call me selfish, but sometimes I just want to sit in my bed and read my blogs and eat and wear my pajamas and not go outside. Fucking sue me. If our friendship really isn't worth more than my coming to your place to hang out, then maybe it's time for us to reevaluate why we're friends in the first place. I have plenty of friends who I don't see nearly as often as I'd like--hi, FIT people!--but they never once complain about the status of our friendship because I don't go up to Chelsea every week. Learn something from them and chill out. P.S. Proceeding to get angry with me for not coming over...doesn't help persuade me to come over.

4) I am more than happy to smoke out friends (with entirely legal herbal supplements, of course! Wink.) It's one of those things that you just let slide. But when we're getting food after--and we will inevitably go get food after--and I suggest that you pay for my two-dollar for it. Because technically, you do owe me money, and I'll never ask for it up front (except if I'm desperately broke, which, as I said before, tends to happen sometimes) but come on. When you buy me a drink, the expectation is that I will pay you back in kind or in cash. Just because it's not a Sparks doesn't mean you shouldn't do the same. Or just save us both some trouble and bring food with you. It's the least you can do. And it's so nice to not have to go anywhere to get your munchies on.

5) Finally, don't tell me and Jess--specifically Jess, but I guess it could apply to me too--that you read about us on Gawker and wow some of those comments were so mean and you thought it was so awful when that one person made that insult and that other blog called us immature and aren't we just internet celebs! We know what people have said. We know that some people don't like us. It isn't endearing or funny or clever to repeat their insults to our faces, in the name of recounting our shreds of virtual notoriety. We're glad you read J&J, and if you disagreed with something we said then by all means, argue your case. But don't rehash any flame wars, please.

*This is kind of emo and definitely venting and I won't be offended if you skip over it. Maybe it's the boredom talking, but I felt this was a good opportunity to get some points across that are a little hard to articulate in person.

**I actually don't know if I'm technically allowed to talk about this at all, as this project was to be "super-secret," but the way things turned out I feel a little jerked around, and at this point I feel it's more important for me to be honest with myself and with my readers than maintain the secrecy of yet another pitfall of the recession; after all, this is happening everywhere right now.


Urban Outfitters is Not Homophobic, Everyone Calm Down

So there's a minor controversy in the affordable-hipster-clothing world. Urban Outfitters recently pulled a line of t-shirts proclaiming the wearer's support for gay marriage off the shelves. Lots of gay people are angry about this, claiming the real reason the shirts were pulled isn't because they weren't selling but because the retailer's owner is a crazy conservative who despises the very gay people his clothes so frequently adorn. Except I don't think this is political at all, becuase it's not like Urban Outfitters has shied away from making political statements in their clothing in the past.

Except maybe UO doesn't actually make political statements with its clothes at all! Maybe the company knew that many of its shoppers would eat up Obama merchandise, and maybe those same consumers just weren't digging the gay-marriage ones. Or maybe the Obama shirts garnered more support than criticism, while the gay-marriage shirts have proven to be too controversial to sell, and on top of that weren't selling enough to justify all that controversy. Maybe--just maybe--Urban Outfitters is a business, focused primarily on making money, that doesn't have to stand behind any political beliefs. Because it is a clothing store. There are plenty of ways to support gay marriage; buying your political beliefs at a retailer doesn't have to be one of them.

Besides, you know the seams would fall apart after a few weeks anyway.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


A former Oklahoma judge was given a DUI today. That's not the funny part. I'll show that to you right now:

Thompson was sentenced to four years in prison on indecent exposure counts and began his term in August 2006. He was accused of using a sexual device called a penis pump during trials.
Ha! It's gross, but I have to give the man credit for multitasking.


Things To Get Your Drug Dealer For the Holidays

Let’s face it: your drug dealer has done a lot for you this year. He has seen you through family gatherings and finals time and breakups. He has helped you sooth the pain of the fact that your family may or may not have to take you out of NYU due to the current economic crisis and put you into community college with 50 of the 100 douchebags you went to high school with. He has made awkward social gatherings a little bit more tolerable. And he has done this with a smile. Gosh, that guy is always smiling! Whether you meet him in the lobby of your dorm or if he’s nice enough to come up to your apartment and do business with you from your living room couch, he is the sturdy ocean rock in this tenuous world full of constant sea change.

How do you thank a guy like that? I mean, seriously, he deserves a better present than all of your family members combined. Below are some suggested gifts for your dealer.

1. Smoke Him Out
It’s kind of common courtesy anyway, especially if you use him frequently, to allow him to test out the product with you. Why not make an evening of it? Next time you order from your delivery service, have him come up and rip a few hits with you, eat some Pringles and watch Family Guy. This will also be a “pay it forward” kind of deal as he will most likely make service to your place quicker and more convenient.

2. Bake Him a Cake
Stoners love cake! And your dealer will too. Next time he comes over to drop off a quarter have a beautiful sheet cake waiting with friendly secular holiday phrases drizzled on it in multicolored frostings. What pothead wouldn’t love something like that?

3. A Metrocard
Sometimes he has to travel kind of far to get to your place, like, say from the Lower East Side to Union Square. It’s cold right now. You should buy him a Metrocard with a bunch of rides on it so that he’s more willing to come to your place. No one should have to freeze this holiday season while walking up The Bowery, especially not the bearer of so much of your joy.

4. Various Drug Dealer Equipment
Scales! Grinders! Plastic baggies! Dealers can never have too much of these things, and I’m sure you could find them at some store in the East Village. Other suggestions: a beeper, a cell phone with a strange answering machine service, the deed to a cover business.

5. Contacts
More clients! Do your dealer a favor and get some of your more discreet pothead friends to switch from their current guy who never calls them back and always sells shit with too many stems and seeds. Your dealer will appreciate the business and then you will not have to continue to smoke your friends’ shitty schwag.

What are you getting your dealer for the holidays?


Some Things Never Change

Revisiting the ol' LJ:
(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Student Lacks Knowledge of Hitler, World War II

(Click for bigger.)

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin. Why you'd choose Craigslist over, say, Wikipedia, I'm not entirely sure. How you got into college is, frankly, an even greater mystery. Why you assume your TA isn't checking sites just like this one and using alternate email addresses to catch cheaters is, perhaps, the greatest mystery of all.


P.S. Hey, kid, say it with me: lebensraum.

CNN Thinks Oprah Is Fat

I was just watching The Situation Room (because I'm that cool) and they'd just done a segment on Oprah's weight problem and how millions of Americans can identify with being overweight and then Wolf Blitzer asked Jim Cafferty for his latest mail but first Cafferty asked Blitzer: "Is overweight the same as fat?"

Then it got weird because Cafferty would not stop talking about how overweight is just the PC version of fat and kept confirming this with Blitzer like he has never heard the term "obese" before. Then he concluded his little rant with this remark: "But they're fat," presumably in regards to Oprah. Then Blitzer nervously laughed and without any transition at all, Cafferty dove into his viewer mail about the auto industry crisis.

I'll post a video when it becomes available online.

UPDATE: I still haven't found a video, but here's the official transcript:

BLITZER: Let's go back to Jack Cafferty with the Cafferty file -- Jack?

CAFFERTY: Is that the same as fat?

BLITZER: Obese is fatter than fat.

CAFFERTY: I mean, is it no longer politically correct to say that somebody is just fat.

BLITZER: Yes, it is overweight and obese.

CAFFERTY: You can't just say they are fat.


CAFFERTY: But they are fat.


CAFFERTY: Aren't they? Question this hour: Is a government car czar the answer to Detroit's problems?


Cue: Whiny Unemployment Watch in 3, 2, 1...

Jess gets back to the city so soon! And I couldn't be more excited.

But she's going to need a job!* And because of my weird class schedule, so will I! I am therefore throwing this out there on behalf of both of us: Employ us. In one month. We fit into most overhead storage bins, make a mean cup of coffee, and can definitely hold off on 420 until the workday is done! Plus, as evidenced by this blog, we are good with things like the Internet and social networking and bookmarking things, which is the new Ph.D. in this crazy post-print-media society.

Also we will do all your bitch work without complaining (to your face.)


P.S. ...Please?

*Unless she already has one, in which case, great. Really, really super.

More Thoughts On Gossip Girl

My friend made me rewatch the scene in the newest Gossip Girl (during French class, might I add) where Rufus tells Lily he knows. He distinctly says "Is it a boy or a girl?" and not "Was it a boy or a girl?" My hypothesis: what if the baby is alive and it's Serena and she had sex with her half-brother Dan? EWWWWWW.


Embarrassing Diary Entries: Part Three

Okay, so I haven't actually read my old journal entries yet (I'll probably have to wait until I'm home for that, since I'll be able to look on my parents' ancient desktop computer), but LOL at what I just found:

MY XANGA. I had a fucking Xanga. Even worse, my Xanga only existed to promote my LiveJournal.

And yes, ninerzguy18 was my first screen name. I used to be a big football fan. I...don't know.


Embarrassing Diary Entries: Part Two

From Vanessa:

"It's a shame what I've decided to let slip through the cracks (or outright fall through giant holes) because even if it was a facade all these years, at least it was comfortable.

The amount of people I purposely avoid making eye-contact with when I walk down the halls is truly astonishing...there was definitely a time during my high school career when I considered myself "friends with everyone." That is such a joke now, except not the funny kind.

The thing is, I don't notice it as much when I'm at school. It's more like when I watch the OC and there's the famous foursome who love being with each other even when Marissa gets expelled for shooting someone (I never thought I'd say it, but what's happening to that show?!) or when I stare at my phone and can't think of a single person I want to call. Those are the times when I kind of think, damn...this is what senior year is? Goodnight." - September 15, 2005, 16 years old

Don't worry, V! My diary talks a lot about The O.C. too. What a seminal event in our lives.

From Hannah:

February 21, 1998

Friday the thirteenth I went to Jessica Roy's birthday to see Spice World and a sleepover. At her house, we wanted to request a song on B104 for her birthday. Amanda called in and after a while said, "Shut up." And then hung up. I pressed redial and said, "Can I request the song 'Wannabe' for my daughter Jessica's birthday?" "How old are you?" they said. "26," I replied. "You're only 9," said someone. I kept begging them to play 'Wannabe' and then they said, "We're not B104." I hung up. Then I pressed redial and screamed, "I HATE YOU!" Don't ask me why I did that. Jess got mad and screamed at me and then threw the phone across the room then went upstairs. She came a few minutes later. I lied and told her I didn't really do it. I was a fake. She forgave me. A little while later at night, we started those dirty channels w/ sex on them. After an hour, Jess's dad came down and we quickly changed the channel. Jess' Dad called her upstairs for a minute and when she came down she said, "My dad knew what we were watching."

LOL. I remember this so vividly. My parents should never have let us have scrambly HBO.


Sorry Other Gays, But I Will Still Be a Part of This Day

I'm not participating in Day Without a Gay. Here's why:

1) I want to save my not-coming-in-to-work days for Hanukkah. And, like, the rest of winter up until New Year's; Jess and Ashley will be back, while other friends of mine will live their last days in the city for a semester, and I want to spend time with them.

2) I need money. (Not like my paycheck isn't almost two fucking weeks late, but yeah.)

3) I'm not going to participate in one part of this protest while ignoring the others, which call for volunteer work (don't have time, but it's not like I spend every Christmas at a soup kitchen anyway, because I'm lazy and selfish) and the withdrawal of $80 from our bank accounts to show our "spending power," which, ha ha, I don't have.

4) I live in New York City, and really, I don't see what this whole thing is going to accomplish, because I bet most of the people who "call in gay" are still going to spend money somewhere, and that kind of defeats the purpose of us proving our worth to the rest of society, doesn't it?

So, if you call in tomorrow and do some other good for the community and don't spend your money (but also, um, take out eighty dollars for no reason), then bully for you! If you live in California, double bully! Too bad you still can't get married. =/


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Talking Cocaine Baggie

This doesn't make me not want to (hypothetically) do cocaine. And I certainly don't want to get, um, freaky with cocaine. This just makes me want to get high and watch it again. Come on, Frank. You can do better. I think.


Embarrassing High School Diary Entries: Part One

So we got a positive reaction to the suggestion that we have a feature showcasing our embarrassing high school journal entries. I'm going to kick it off with two of mine, found below.

15 year old Jess
Wednesday June 4, 2003 l 3:58pm
Boys in my life are just like the trashy teen novels I obsessively read. I’m fully engrossed while involved - but things end suddenly, leaving me feeling bored and yearning for more.
Today I read a 300 page Eurotrash novel in 1 1/2 class periods. That says something. If my Dad doesn’t let me go to the Jets to Brazil show at the Troc I will scream my pants off. Honestly he needs to let me be free. I’m ridiculously independent and being constantly confined to the pathetic borders of Springfield just isn’t cutting it, dammit. If I don’t get more freedom soon I’ll have to rebel and oh will he regret it.
Deviously yours, J

16 year old Jess
Thursday July 13, 2004 l 9:04pm
All Ali [my sister] and my Dad ever do is watch sports. Now it’s baseball. In the fall and winter, it’s football. It never ends! And it couldn’t be any more fucking boring, either. Like if I’m going to be sitting at home couldn’t we DO something!? No, they have to watch SPORTS! Like, ugh. Ali and my Dad = the same dumb, boring person. We have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL in common. *bangs head against desk* Why do I not have my fucking license?!

Have diary entries you want us to post? Email us ( or, if you're nasty, or post yours in the comments. We've gotten a few so we're going to post them every Tuesday or Wednesday as my access to the internet allows.


Hey You Guys

Sorry if I'm kind of M.I.A. Lots of stuff going on, much of it shitty, and to top it all off, finals have arrived. I'll be posting as much as I can for the next week and a half until I go home and life calms down.



I’m crying right now and it’s not because I’m leaving Paris in 10 days or because the guy I was seeing left for Africa or because I have to spend another holiday season with my family; I’m crying because of GOSSIP GIRL.

This was the first episode I can truly say resonated with their “OMFG” slogan because seriously... OMFG.

Serious spoiler alert below.

Bart Bass... dead. Chuck... gone. Lily... aborted Rufus’ baby. Blair... told Chuck she loved him. Eleanor... married. Aaron... in love with Serena. Dan... also in love with Serena. Eric... back together with Jonathan. Serena... off to Buenos Aires with Aaron.


More happened in this episode than in the entire season. And seeing Chuck vulnerable like that touched a nerve in me I never thought existed. I’ve become more emotionally tied to the characters this season mostly because I really do think this one is much better than the last, but they really stayed true with Chuck’s character throughout this situation; he would totally get drunk and hole up in The Palace with twins and then drunkenly call Lily a “whore.”

I’m going to watch this episode again right now. SO FUCKING GOOD.


P.S. They play my favorite National song - "Slow Show" - at the end. GAHHH.
P.P.S. Amazing "Chuck is drunk and angry" screencaps:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dutch Gays Pervert the Bible; AP Couldn't Care Less

Maybe it's just because bloggers are still boycotting the Associated Press (right?), but nobody appears to notice that the beleaguered news organization recently picked up on a mighty strange story: gays in Amsterdam are throwing a 10-day "Pink Christmas" festival, the centerpiece of which will be a nativity scene with two Josephs and two Marys. It's unclear from the article whether the hypothetical couples will appear in the same manger or not, but either way, I like this. A lot.

There are a lot of things we don't really know about the Bible, including some points that have proven controversial to the seeming Christian masses. Was Jesus black? Just how long did it take God to create the heavens and the earth? And, most tantalizingly, was everyone in the Bible gay?

The point isn't that the Bible is vague and meant to be absorbed in a pedagogic rather than literal manner--which it is--but rather to suggest that there's a lot of weird stuff in the Good Book, and any one group of people that claims to know just how it all went down is wrong. That group is wrong and full of itself and wants to make the beautiful myths of Christ work to achieve their political agendas. We don't really know what happened back then, and if the Bible's authors wanted to tell us more, they would have. The Bible can teach us many things, but it is not a living document, and it says nothing about gays visiting each other in the hospital.

So back to what I was talking about! If a virgin could get impregnated by God and give birth to the baby Jesus, then is it really out of the realm of possibility that she might have been a lesbian? I mean, it's cool if she wasn't, but I think it's pretty ridiculous to allow for only those fantastical elements that you want. I applaud those putting on the gaytivity scene (heh) for challenging heteronormative assumptions about Christian history and fostering this kind of religious dialogue; if the Bush White House--and the larger resurgence of terrorism in the 21st century with which Bush obsessed himself --has taught us anything, it's that devout zealotry is a dangerous tool in the hands of men who wish to exploit such beliefs for their own extremist goals.

Except just kidding about fostering the dialogue, because the AP gives the story only five sentences and ends with a statement from a homophobic Evangelist, as though a gay manger scene "mocks the core concepts" of Christ's teachings ut molesting little boys doesn't.


My Roommate and I in a Nutshell

At Starbucks (while sitting across from each other, mind you. I'm the pink):


My worst nightmare happened to someone else and I'm so happy it wasn't me. Some high school girl in Cleveland lost her virginity on a beach (original!) and instead of texting about it to her friend, she accidentally sent this to her Dad:
If I had to ever, EVER acknowledge to my Dad that I had sexual organs, let alone that I did something with those sexual organs -- in high school! -- I would have to kill myself. Or probably more likely he would kill me. For my safety he would kill me.

Because one of my best friends, David, comes just below my Dad in my phone book, I've frequently almost sent texts to him like "Do you have my bong?" or "I am so fucking hungover." But luckily nothing to this extent. The worst that happened in that department is when the night before I left for Paris my ex-boyfriend visited me for that awkward, empty brand of sex unique only to broken up couples where you realize something is lost and you can no longer cum simultaneously and the thought of having to snuggle after the act is vaguely wretched. Apparently after I came to Paris my dog did the wonderful thing of pulling a condom wrapper out of my trash can and leaving it on the floor in my bedroom for my Dad to find. According to my Stepmother he was shocked that I was having sex and also horrified and also prepared to fly to Europe and drag me home by the wrist. Luckily she convinced him that like, I'm 20, and this is modern day society, and he should stop being such a goddamn Catholic. But poor, poor Elizabeth Frisinger.


Czecking In

Prague was wonderful. Not only did I get to see two of my best friends, I also got to smoke weed in bars like it was Amsterdam. A friend of mine who is completely uninformed about the subject made an observation that I, who am also completely uninformed about the subject, found quite apt: the police are extremely laissez-faire about things because they don't want to seem... COMMUNIST. Afterall, it's only been about 20 years since they were. So the police basically let you do whatever the fuck you want; except when I put my cigarette out on the ground on my way to the airport and a policeman stopped me and started lecturing me in Czech about how it would be a 1,000 Koruna ($50) fine. Luckily I pulled the "I'm an American I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying" and he let me go.

It was strange because I had never been in a country with such a different currency (20 Czech Korunas = $1!), or to a place where the language was just so damn indiscernible for me. At least in Romance language countries I can get the basic gist of what is going on, but not a single Czech word resonated with me. I was so incredibly buried in my unbearable Americanness: I couldn't even properly pronounce the Czech word for "thank you."

But the beer was good, and so was the fried cheese after you have had many of the beers, and it was beautiful and old and decorated for Christmas. I also met someone (an NYU student, not a random Czech person) who reads our blog and knew me from it! Weird. Here are some pics for those (3) of you who are interested:


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don Adams as a Penguin Dressed in a Bow Tie

File this one under the "WTF?" category. It's an episode of the all-but-forgotten 1963 cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales, starring Don Adams as an Inspector-Gadget-in-attitude-lite penguin. Adams singing about being a turtle is the weirdest thing I've heard all week. Check out the video below. Ah, remember when cartoons were simple and innocent and stuff?