Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Know What Else Blows?

When you're already sick* and you go to your morning class anyway and then right in the middle of lecture one of your pimples pops and you start bleeding and you don't even realize it until you raise your hand to itch your face and when you pull your hand back it's bloody and then you spend the next ten minutes in the bathroom trying to suppress the bleeding and then you come back and the kid next to you gives you dirty looks for coughing so much (like, I'm sorry that I have a cold along with the rest of the city right now) and then the professor asks you a question and you're like "Wha-?" and you still haven't gotten your paycheck.

Fuck it. I was gonna write something about Britney's lack of confidence and how she won't really be back until she builds up her self-esteem again but fuck it, I'm going back to bed.


*Yes, I know I'm like sick all the time, but I'm trying to not let it constantly shut me down, which always ends up happening and then I'm just lying in bed watching shit on Hulu for hours on end, hopped up on NyQuil, lukewarm tea, and dry weed. It's about as pathetic as it sounds.

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Samantha said...

oh god josh i know exactly what you mean. that has happened to me countless times. You are not alone. really.