Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sparknotes Summary: What's the Deal with Caroline Kennedy?

Hey guys. So Jess and I are usually (at least somewhat) on top of our current events, but in the fog of being reunited and enjoying the holidays, we really haven't been following this whole Caroline Kennedy thing. Sure, we could weed through dozens of blog posts and links to piece together her deal, but perhaps one of our intelligent and generous readers would care to fill us in instead. And maybe some of you guys aren't quite sure what's going on with her anyway! Edify our ignorance and show us the way. We want a Sparknotes summary of: Caroline Kennedy.



Anonymous said...

Well, Hillary Clinton is going to Foggy Bottom, and that means that there's an open NY Senate seat. Some states have special elections when stuff like this happens, but in the Empire State, the governor gets to appoint Clinton's replacement. There are a lot of people running behind-the-scenes campaigns for the seat, but Kennedy decided she wanted to wage a public campaign and openly appeal to the state elites who could rally Paterson on her behalf.

Confusingly, she's now pledging that if she gets appointed, then she won't run for reelection in 2010. That makes practically no sense to me, but it seems to have dramatically reduced the likelihood she'll actually get appointed. My fingers are crossed for Nadler instead.

Jess and Josh said...

Ah, thanks Ned!

Anonymous said...

Also, she's never had a job. I don't mean a job in politics, I mean any job. For some reason that's the fact that's stuck with me.