Thursday, December 4, 2008

To All My Friends Studying Abroad

Don't come back. Seriously, you do not want to be in New York right now. Nobody has a job or money or hope but all the fucking stores advertise their huge sales anyway and everyone around you seems to be doing fine with their precious internships and blogging jobs and their classes somehow don't interfere with their work schedules and the city keeps getting more expensive and foreboding and it makes you want to move to fucking Nebraska and work at the local gas station because hey, people will always need gas, right?

Trust me, stay in Europe. Things have to be better over there. Plus, they don't speak English, so you won't really understand what your boss is saying besides "fired"--emphatically repeated in your language--but it will still sound pretty and afterward you can stare longingly at the Arc de Triomphe and ponder the irony of it all, downing red wine that costs less than bottled water.


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